Predict that the stars will shine in Madden NFL 22's 2021 seaso

  • Chicago Bears rookie QB Justin Fields is being discussed by the "Good Morning Football" staff about whether to start the Bears Week 1. On the Yahoo Sports mobile app, or on NFL Network, the game is being broadcast live.

     The entire NFL season is being simulated by Yahoo Sports in the latest version of Electronic Arts’ “Madden” video game.

    Last year, Nick Foles led the Bears to win the Lombardi Trophy, which was Buy MUT 22 Coins the first time for them since the 1985 season, and he himself also included the Super Bowl MVP. This simulation is for everyone Completely unexpected. This time the simulation is relatively closer to reality, but the ownership of the NFC champion also brings surprises.

    Stars shine on the cover of 'Madden 22'

    The features of Super Bowl QBs last year are still quoted in this year's version of "Madden", and Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are still on the cover. In the simulation game, the performance of these two people is completely monster-like existence. Mahomes won the NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Madden 22 Coins Year awards this season, and broke the record for shooting percentage with 5,663 yards and a 54-7 TD-INT ratio, which may be his best for him Offensive season. In his 44-year-old season, Brady has set a historical record with 5,548 yards with 43 touchdowns and 13 interceptions, and his passing rate is as high as 70%, so the honor of NFC's No. 1 seed was awarded to him.

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