Learn about Harvest crafting in Path of Exile

  • Last year, one of Path of Exile’s three-month leagues called Harvest, which allowed players to plant seed gardens to generate monsters and eventually use specific crafts on their items. This means that if players have some good loot, they can put in work to process them without having to need POE Currency. Most players are not very fond of gardening content, but almost everyone likes to use specific mods to improve the abilities of their items. This will make the players’ game characters stronger, just like many players are willing to buy POE Currency to improve their character’s strength and game experience. 

    In the current league, players are allowed to encounter the harvest area when playing the endgame and get a small amount of randomly selected crafts for processing items. For players, this is as pleasant as getting POE Currency. Not every player is eager for this mode, but players are still very happy to restore “Harvest crafting” with a certain ability, because it allows players to make some excellent and diverse builds, as well as a good deal of powerful equipment. Of course, a faster way is to buy POE Currency to upgrade the equipment. 

    By the way, what novice players need to know is that Path of Exile will drop Orbs that can modify existing items. These items are very useful in the game, especially with POE Chaos Orb and Exalted Orbs in exchange for desired items. Nevertheless, most players just use these as POE Currency for trading, and even they need to buy POE Currency to better meet the needs of the game. 

    But currently, Grinding Gear Games is weakening Harvest. The GGG team seems to want players to use Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs to change items. The problem is that these are not only very rare, but even the most common set of modifications usually require thousands of Chaos Orbs. Even if players buy POE Currency during the game, players have limited purchasing power, and most players will never reach double-digit Exalted Orbs. If the GGG team cannot better consider the players’ gaming experience, the players are likely to lose the enthusiasm to buy POE Currency.