How to spend a perfect getaway with friends in Shimla

  • Shimla, the queen of the hills, is the exquisite place to visit with your friends and make unforgettable memories for life. Visiting Shimla with friends can be so much fun if you play your cards right. The beauty of the hills, the greenery, and friends; what else to even need in life except of course a little adventure, a lot of fun, and just so many memories. 

    Shimla being a major tourist hot spot, it attracts every kind of crowd so after a while it gets really hard to decide what to do with friends there but there are so many options to choose from like going to bars, and partying, going for treks, stargazing, visiting the best cafes in Shimla and what not.

    Here’s a list of activities you can do with your friends in Shimla:

    • Treks.

    Trekking is probably the best activity you can do anywhere. Exploring new routes and just soaking in nature has a charm of its own. Plus, the cuddly dogs you get to meet on the way are just an added bonus. In Shimla, you can go for the Jakhoo Hills trek and visit the Jakhoo temple or go around exploring the Chadwick Falls and have fun. 

    • Going to the best cafes in Shimla.

    Going to the best cafe in Shimla and having some of the best Himachali delicacies or food with your friends while basking in the mesmerizing view sounds like an amazing time and definitely, a must-experience activity.

    • Camping under the stars.

    The best part of hill stations is in the clear skies. Nothing is more wholesome than camping under the stars with your friends and stargazing throughout the night. Spending the night at a campsite with your friends is the experience of a lifetime. 

    • Ice skating.

    You can go for a session of ice skating in Shimla’s ice skating rink with your friends and have a distinctive amazing experience and have so much fun and crazy new experiences. 

    • Shopping at the Mall Road

    Everyones loves a little shopping spree, especially with friends. You and your group can head down to the Mall Road and purchase some of the best artisanal handicrafts you’d have ever seen for yourself, or family or for gifting it to someone at a special occasion.