Choosing the Right Stay in Shimla

  • Shimla, the queen of hills is one of the most beautiful, popular, and accessible hill stations in India. Once the summer capital of British India, it is still a heartwarming place to be. Admired by everyone for the beauty of the hills and the greenery, it is one of the most visited tourist places in India, and thus finding the right hotel to stay there can be a pretty daunting task. You have to consider so many things before choosing the right place and then the availability is another task. There are so many hotels on Mall road, Shimla itself that it just adds to what to consider.

    We curated a list of the factors that you should consider before making a decision for your stay in Shimla:

    1. Location.

    Location is one of the key aspects for deciding the right place to stay on your beautiful getaway. Your hotel should be the center of all the locations you’re planning to visit during your trip. We would recommend going for hotels on Mall Road, Shimla as it is one of the most central locations in Shimla. 

    2. Hygiene and sanitization.

    The pandemic is still going on and you should not forget to take proper precautions and measures and should make sure that the hotel follows strict guidelines and protocol too and maintains hygiene.

    3. Security and safety.

    Security and safety are two of the most important factors to chime in for your stay. Hotels on Mall Road in Shimla are the safest hotels around Shimla. 

    4. Parking.

    Since the most preferred mode of transportation to and from Shimla is by road. You should make sure your hotel has a designated parking space that is safe to park your vehicle in. 

    5. View from the room.

    You should aim for a room with a balcony with a great view but if not, the view from your room should be magnificent, nevertheless.

    6. Dining facilities.

     The dining facilities at your hotel should be to the par, especially in-room dining. You wouldn’t want to travel even out of the room after a day full of adventures. So, make sure your hotel has good in-room dining facilities.

    7. Budget.

    Last but not the least, don’t go out of your budget and dig a hole in your pocket and regret the whole trip. Stay within your budget and enjoy it as much as you can and have tons of fun!