New kinds of armor in the new world explained

  • Amor in Amazon's New World MMORPG plays a huge role in how your character's performance in the game. It's not just a way to mitigate, but also determines how quick or slow your character can be during combat. New World has 3 different categories of armor: medium, light, and heavy, and you may mix and mix different pieces of equipment to build the perfect character. The armor in New World can also grant your character with unique bonuses as well as additional attribute points via perks and gem slots.

    The system of gear in New World is based on different gear scores and tiers. All gear, even armor, has a specific level requirement as well. The level requirement for a specific piece of gear is determined by its gear score.

    Tier 2 - Level 1-19

    Tier 3 - Level 20-39

    Tier 4 - Level 40-59

    Tier 5 - Level 60

    Also worth noting is that gear with higher rarity levels have the lowest level of requirement than lower rarity gear with the same gear score which makes rarity of gear that much more valuable.

    Armor Rarities

    There are various rarities of gear in the New World, and armor isn't an exception. The sequence of rarity for the gear follows:

    Common (Gray)

    Uncommon (Green)

    Rare (Blue)

    Epic (Purple)

    Gold (Legendary)

    Every perk you have on your armor counts as a rarity point. Gem slots and attributes can also be considered an element of rarity, which gives you a potential total of five rarity points. If an item has the maximum of 5 rarity points, then it is an iconic item. Also, the more rare an item is, the higher the gear score will be within the level of the gear. The number of benefits (rarity points) that are associated with each level of rarity is according to:

    Common Thesis: 0

    Uncommon: 2

    Rare: 3

    Epic 4

    Legendary: 5

    It's important to remember that there may be one or two attributes that can be added to a piece of gear, and the 2 attribute points count as one rarity point.

    Gear Score

    The gear score in New World is important to the overall power of your build. Higher gear score means greater armor mitigation. Gear score is based on the same range for each level of gear:

    Tier II 2: Gear Score 100-299

    Tier III: Gear Score between 250 and 399

    Tier IV: Gear Scores 350-499

    Tier V: Score on Gear 450-600

    Both your Physical and Elemental resistances will increase as you get a gear score. The higher the gear score the higher the mitigations. We recommend you read the Gear Score Guide for an detailed explanation of how Gear Score functions in the New World.

    Physical vs Elemental Armor

    Amor of New World is comprised of two types of resistances, physical and ethereal. Physical resistance is a way to mitigate physical damage types, like melee, ranged muzzle, ranged bows, axe throws and so on.

    Elemental resistance is a way to mitigate magic damage types, including void, fire lightning, fire, etc.

    Ratings for elemental and physical armor both scale consistently across class of armor. So, heavy armor has the best armor ratings both physical and elemental while light armor has the highest for both. There are however other advantages of light and medium armor that are described further below in the "Armor Weight" section.

    The amount of physical and elemental resistance you will receive from each piece of armor is determined by the "prefix" mechanism. Check out the Prefix and Suffix Section below.

    Armor Weight

    Armor weight is one of the most important mechanics in New World. Your armor's weight will determine how mobile you will be. Every piece of armor in New World has an assigned weight, and for every piece of armor that's equipped the weight is added to. There are 3 different kinds of weight categorized as follows:


    If you wear light armor you can dodge with a swift roll that covers a significant amount of distance. Light armor tends to be less protective, however you get 20 percent damage reduction while you're in the light armor weight category. The increase in damage also affects the amount of healing you receive.


    While wearing normal weight armor, your can dodge with a swift hop. This provides a balanced balance between mobility and protection. You take 10% damage and crowd control debuffs they apply last 10 percent longer. The damage increases also affect the amount of healing you receive.


    In the event that you wear heavy armor, your dodge is a slow sidestep. Heavy armor limits your mobility but provides the most effective damage mitigation. Your block stability is increased by 15% and the crowd control buffs you apply last 20% longer.

    Remember that it is possible to mix and match your armor to obtain quite balanced mitigations by putting together a mix of medium, light and heavy, while still remaining in the light weight category and being able to dodge roll.

    Below is a table that outlines the pieces of gear that you should wear to receive optimal mitigation. It is important to remember that shields do not give any advantage in terms of attributes, perks, or protection unless you're actually employing it. It's just a matter of getting it fitted. not give you any benefit. It simply adds weight to the load. Thus, if you're running light or medium you do not need to carry a shield unless you intend to integrate the sword and shield into your set-up.

    Prefix as well as Suffix Systems

    Each piece of armor found in New World has a specific name. The name will include prefixes and possibly suffix within it. The suffix and the prefix will tell you a lot about the armor, including the kind of mitigations you are going to get from it, as well as the kind of attribute points bonuses you'll be receiving. You can see the full list of the bonuses for prefix and suffix in our guide on prefix and suffix.

    For instance, let's examine the Steel Heavy Boots of the Barbarian.

    The Heavy Affix on a heavy piece of armor indicates that the primary resistance on the boots is physical and the second resistance will be fundamental. Meaning this piece of armor has more physical resistance than other boots and less elemental resistance.

    The suffix of Barbarian means that the armor is going to give you a primary attribute bonus of strength, and an additional attribute bonus of constitution. If an item is marked with suffixes, and most items do not, then you are guaranteed to receive an attribute boost in the first place, and in most cases will receive the second attribute bonus as well. We recommend checking the Affix Chart for a full list of all the Affixes available for New World.

    How do I get Armor

    In New World can be obtained from drops, crafting trading post, faction vendor, outpost rush armor crates and through the completion of special armor quests.

    Armor is available from mobs you encounter and defeat when exploring Aeternum. Items dropped during these encounters has a set gear score or tier, and may also come with benefits. Dropped armor can also have empty gem slots that are able to be filled with a gem to gain more attribute points. Also, some armor is dropped with a gem already placed in a slot.

    Usually, the higher level mobs that you can defeat in New World, the more tier and gear score items will be dropped. However, as you level up lower tier armor (and other equipment) continue to play a vital role during the New World. Obtaining lower tier armor is valuable as it is able to be salvaged and which will give you repair parts. Then, you can use these repair parts to repair your damaged gear.

    Armor can also be obtained through crafting, the trading post, and Faction Vendors.

    There are also special armor quests you can complete in order to obtain specific sets of armor. The quests are a series consisting of 5 child quests which will help you in the forging process for each piece within the set. Each quest is an upgrade in the level threshold to 40 45, 50, 55 and 60.

    You can make a part of the set upon completing the child quest and obtaining the needed ingredients.

    Every item in the set will contribute to the set's bonus. This will give you more stats, based on the amount of armor pieces in a given set that you've put on.