Diablo II: Resurrected - Act V Walkthrough

  • Welcoming to the Act V Walkthrough Guide for Diablo II: Resurrected. This guide will provide information on Act V Quests and how to finish the quests. For more information about Diablo II: Resurrected, visit the links below for more Diablo II: Resurrected Guides.

    The final part takes you to Harrogath which is a town ruled by barbarians situated at the base of Mount Arreat. Things go back to normal for Act V after Act IV concluded on a more streamlined note. You'll have the full list of six quests to go through and some extensive locations to explore. Like before, continue striving to build up important stats based on your character and maintain your resistances to the enemy. Chat with the town's blacksmith Larzuk or head straight for the front door to kick off the first quest.

    First Quest Siege of Harrogath

    Recommended Level: 31-32

    For the first, but optional quest, you'll have to find Shenk the Overseer past the town's gates. There's no real trick here You just have to fight through his hordes until you reach him. Be cautious not to overtake him as you climb the steps leading up toward the frigid highlands. He's not difficult to miss however it's possible.

    In this region you'll meet several new creatures. The fodder opponents of Act V are the Enslaved. They're fairly easy to fight, however they attack in massive amounts. They are also mixed into battle with Lashers who aren't that difficult to deal with on their own however they do offer their Enslaved with a damage buff and are able to transform into enemies that explode when they are close to you. There are also Demon Imps who teleport and can throw fireballs. Their health pools are minimal, yet they are extremely irritating to manage. Additionally, you'll have to be fighting a lot of Death Maulers which can shoot tentacles into the ground, and then attack you from range. You can outrun their attacks, but if you get stuck in the Maulers in a group, you'll likely be in trouble.

    When you eventually make your way to Shenk Prepare yourself for a tough battle. He's not actually too difficult to fight, but he's besieged by a huge horde of Enslaved that he will immediately turn into exploding enemies that can take you down rapidly. Once he's dealt with you, return to the town and speak to Lazruk. He will now add sockets to an unlocked item. It isn't necessary to start this process immediately and you can do it when you have a better item.

    Quest 2: Recover on Mount Arreat

    Recommended Level: 33-34

    If you go into the Frigid Highlands Then, your Quest Log will appear and instruct you to see Qual-Kehk to learn more. Talk to them in Harrogath and he'll ask you to release 15 Barbarian soldiers in the Frigid Highlands. It is necessary to travel around the Highlands in search of wooden prisons that are holding five soldiers at a time. These are randomly scattered around the area, and so there's no method for finding these. Simply pay attention to your mini-map and look for bright white squares. Then break down the doors that keep them inside and be watching them use a Town Portal to escape.

    The area is heavily guarded by Demon Imps and is one of the more frustrating areas in Diablo 2: Resurrected. In addition to teleporting away from your attack and use towers that surround crumbling buildings and a new monster named the Crush Beast to power up their attacks. When they mount eitherof them, they'll unleash massive bursts of fire, so you need to deal swiftly or avoid them entirely. The Frigid Highlands is also home to three different mini-bosses which you'll probably encounter. However, you will not encounter any difficulties with them .

    Once you finish the task, speak with Qual-Kehk to claim your reward. He'll give you three runes: Tal, Ral, and Ort runes, and allow you to employ Barbarian mercenaries. If you have a three-socket shield in your possession then you can mix the three runes to make the Ancient's Pledge , the runeword. It's an excellent way to cheaply raise your resistances in case you require it.

    Quest 3: Prison of Ice

    Recommended Level: 35-36

    If you're hurting for Resistances this quest from Malah is a must. Once you've completed the first quest, you'll be able to start this one. All you need to do is go past the Frigid Highlands, and then into the Arreat Plateau and then make your way towards the Crystalline Passage. In the dungeon, you'll discover the entrance for the Frozen River and that's in the area where you'll encounter the town's alchemist Anya who you've been sent to rescue. Before you go, continue eyeing the Passage to locate its Waypoint to help yourself later.

    When you're in the Frozen River, you must prepare yourself for a long, winding maze of a dungeon. Anya can be found at the end of it however, it's virtually impossible to figure out how to find her. Thus, you must stay on the walls and you'll soon stumble across it. In terms of encounters you'll begin to encounter Frozen Horrors along with Abominables when you enter the Passage. The Horrors are extremely dangerous because they employ Arctic Blast to slow you down and then slash you by melee. Abominable don't have that skill, but can still inflict heavy melee and cold damage as well as employ knockback attacks. You'll also likely run into Stygian Harlots that can make a number of nasty curses, such as one that reduces your defense, and one that causes you to damage yourself if the mana you have exceeds your max life. In addition, there are Moon Lords who can chunk your opponent in melee, and activate Frenzy to do with even more damage.

    The Frozen River is a great place to go You'll be up against new versions of the monsters you've seen up to now, and Rot Walkers. They can self-resurrect or employ a charge attack to make you feel stunned. As long as you are fighting them in small groups, you should be fine, but finding a big pack can cause issues. At the end of the maze you'll come across Anya guarded by Frozenstein, who is cold enchanted and has mana burn. He shouldn't be too tough, but remain vigilant. After you take him down you can interact with Anya. Then, go back to town to purchase an the elixir from Malah before going back to rescue Anya from her cold prison. After that, you should talk to Malah to get the scroll that will increase the resistance of your character by 10%. Also, you can talk to Anya to obtain a rare item that is class-specific.

    The Quest: 4th and final quest. Betrayal Harrogath

    Recommended Level 36-37

    Before we get started the quest, we should note that this quest can be risky, as there are many locations to take one shot. Plus, the rewards are simply the ability to personalize an item. It is a very well-known farm area in the final game You might think about doing it to open up an area known as the Waypoint at the very minimum.

    After you've saved Anya, she'll ask you to follow Nihlathak toward his temple and bring the demon down. She will open a door for you to enter into his realm. You can take on the foes at the entrance, but you might be better off escaping into the Temple. From here, just walk along the wall until discover the entryway to The Halls of Pain and then do the same to get down into the Halls of Vaught, but do not forget to find the Waypoint within the Halls of Pain. After you've reached this Waypoint The portal for Anya will be gone. However, once you've made it this far then you're probably not interested at farming Pindleskin (the mini-boss located at the location's entrance).

    On your way down the river, you'll encounter all kinds of zombified warriors who are able to revive as those you encountered in the Frozen River. Keep an eye out for their attack and you should be safe. They're joined by upgraded models of Death Maulers you fought during the first quest , and Putrid Defilers which are capable of puttingrefying dead enemies, causing Pain Worms to spawn out from their bodies. In short, be prepared for a few visits back to town to replenish the potions. They're like a truck.

    As you enter the Halls of Vaught, you first want to look at a wall tile that looks like the eyes of a pair. This area is shaped like a cross and Nihlathak can be found at the very edge of the room which the eye wall precedes. Nihlathak himself is a tough enemy because he can summon minions, teleport, and reduce your speed with Arctic Blast. In addition, he uses Corpse Explosion to destroy you quickly. Concentrate him instead of fighting his minions so he can't make use of their corpses against you. Keep an eye on your summons and your mercenary too. It isn't a good idea to let them take on his minions and ruining your plan. Once he's dealt with, head towards Anya and she'll personalize the item you purchased for you.

    Qest 5: Rite of Passage

    Recommended Level 38-39

    This is where things really get serious. You're now ready to conquer your mountain to prove yourself worthy of taking on Baal. Begin by locating the Crystalline Passage Waypoint and continue to the Glacial Trail exit. Make sure to grab the Waypoint at this location, and then continue on through The Frozen Tundra. It takes you back to the open space. Continue to fight until you reach an Ancient's Way. It is important to take the Tundra's Waypoint in case you lose your life. Do the same to the old Way when you make your journey to the Summit. Up until this point you've been fighting slightly enhanced versions of the monsters that you've already encountered. The top of the Summit is where you must take three powerful Barbarian Ancients.

    The three Ancients are each a particular skill. It is best to attempt to cut two of them off from the other two, but this can sometimes be tough, especially if you select the incorrect one. We've found that you want to first target Korlic so that he can't utilize his Leap Attack to jump into battle with you or another Ancient. Try to bait with a Leap Attack, dodge it by stepping in to do some damage. Then, you can target either Madawc (Shout, Double Throw) or Talic (Whirlwind) at your own discretion. If you're having difficulty separating them, consider using stun or cold attacks to help control them.

    If you go through the three aforementioned steps you'll gain a large chunk of experience and the gate into the Worldstone Keep will open. Make sure to replenish your potions prior to entering the final conflict.

    Sixth Quest Eve of Destruction

    Recommended Level 39-40

    That's what it all comes down to, the final showdown against Baal himself. Of course, first you have to fight through giant hordes of his minions when you go through four levels in the Worldstone Keep. You'll be facing off against enhanced models of monsters that you've encountered thus far, so there's not much to be learned in the realm of techniques. Try to keep the groups smaller by moving with care. That said, don't stand in one place too long or Baal will activate the trap, which can cause significant harm. Be sure to grab that Waypoint on Level 2 just in case there's a chance that something goes wrong.

    If you're at the Throne of Destruction, the final level of the dungeon, you can run past all of the minions and get ready for Baal's boss chase. But, it's best to eliminate the monsters here to make sure you have a backup plan should you're required to rest from dealing with Baal's mini-bosses. When you're done, go to Baal's room and rid it of enemies. Then, Baal will summon five different waves of mini-bosses as well as minions in accordance with each of the five acts.

    The first wave is comprised of a group made up of Fallen Ones and their Shaman Colenzo the Annihilator. He's enchanted by fire, which means he'll deal some injury on death, but as long as you focus on the mini-boss, then you are likely to be fine. The next group to be dealt with is a bunch of Skeletal Mages who use cold spells, as well as an Unraveller group led by Achmel the Cursed. If you are required to divide and conquer, drag Mages to the lower portion of the chamber and kill them. That should get them out of range of resurrection. After that, you must take care of the Unravellers, paying attention to your health bar, as they could make use of an Unholy Bolt to reduce your health very quickly.

    The third wave brings Council members who are led by Bartuc the Bloody. You'll probably be poisoned following the battle with Achmel, so consider heading back to town in order to eliminate the effect. These monsters can deal massive fire damage, and it's recommended to eliminate some from the group in order to reduce their impact. The fourth wave includes rapid Venom Lords and Ventar the unholy. Remain away from Baal's throne and take on in manageable groups. In the end, you'll be fighting with Lister the Tormentor along with his Minions of Destruction. They're very difficult since, when they're in a group they are able to easily your body and swiftly send your body to the grave. Try to separate them in the best way you can and don't hesitate to return to the town if you require additional potions. When all the minions are gone, Baal will head through the portal that he has been through behind. Begin following him to finish this.

    Baal is a player with a few talents worth keeping an eye on. Hoarfrost sends out waves that chill and knocks back players. This can make it tough to pursue Baal down and also cause quite a bit of damage. Incineration Nova sends out the ring of projectiles all directions, while Mana Rift reduces the current mana. You can also teleport across the room and summon a copy of himself. There's a way to tell if you're hitting the real Baal by taking a look at his nameplate. The fake Baal is adorned with his nameplate with the "B" as his initials, and"D" in Demon "D" on the back of Demon perfectly aligned. As for the authentic Baal, his "D" appears slightly out of center. In the ideal scenario, you'll want to dodge the majority the attacks (particularly Hoarfrost) as you can , and then slash him to pieces. Remember to use the Town Portal to jump back to the town and replenish your potion. Once he's down, pick up your loot, talk with Tyrael, then go through the portal to end the game.