New World Jewelcrafting Leveling

  • Jewelcrafting is among the most popular professions in New World in that it lets you create pieces of jewelry to suit your character, such as Amulets, Earrings and Rings. Jewelry is a powerful source of benefits and stats to characters, all of which are vital if you want to survive during the endgame content. Additionally, it is among the top professions to earn money in. In this New World Jewelcrafting leveling guide we'll help you learn how to move from 200 to 200 and the various materials you will need.

    Leveling Jewelcrafting can be accomplished in two ways, and in this article, we'll be taking the assumption that you are willing to do some fishing. The alternate route involves lots of mining as well as buying products from the market and can be expensive for many players. We'll also be reusing the Silver Settings and Silver Chains that we make, so make sure you don't throw away these items.

    Jewelcrafting is done in the outfitting Station in every major settlement in New World. Simply visit any Outfitting Station, and search for the recipes in the following section by following our step-by-step guide. For cutting gems you must be doing this at the Stonecutting table.

    New World Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

    Here's our comprehensive guide to Jewelcrafting's leveling for New World, Keep in mind that there isn't a "right" method to get level Jewelcrafting. We find this route to be effective, so feel free to follow this guide should you wish to. Certain players may choose to create Gemmed Jewelry rather than Pearl Jewelry This means you will substitute Pearls for Gems. As someone who enjoys fishing I would prefer this method over the other.

    You can make exactly 31 Silver Sets and Chains with 459 silver ingots (1,836 silver Ore) and then use those to make 51 Flawed Pearl Amulets. This works out so you'll be at level 50 by the dot. It's the most efficient way to start.

    You can also make 51 Flawed Gem Amulets, Rings, or Earrings if you have the cut Flawed Gems or Stonecutting specifications. The same process can be applied to the other parts of the guide. Simply swap the Pearls for Gems, but keep in mind that you'll need Motes, Wisps, Weak Solvent and Gems to go this route.

    In order to move up to the level of Jewelcrafting between 55 and 100, you can make Pearl Amulets. You'll need 492 Silver Ore as well as 123 Pearls to make the 123 Pearl Amulets. Pearls originate from Ore Veins, and you could find a few as you're searching for Silver, Iron, and other ore. There are also pearls inside Clams and Oysters, which you can get from fishing! There is a good chance that you'll end up buying them at the Trading Post if you are seeking to make a breakthrough in this field.

    You'll require a lot of Silver Ingots to get from Jewelcrafting level 100 to 150, and some Settings and Chains from previous steps as well as Brilliant Pearls. You may have already heard the Brilliant Pearls are derived from Oysters which you can get from fishing. Refer to our Silver guide for specific ore sources.

    Then, you'll have to create around 600 Silver Settings and Silver Chains that you can then use to craft the same number of Pristine Pearl Amulets, Rings or Earrings. Once that's completed you'll have reached your max Jewelcrafting level.

    Alternately, you can make use of 680 Cut Pristine Gems to create Pristine Gem Amulets rings, rings, or Earrings.

    Like many professions in New World, reaching level 200 in Jewelcrafting can take an enormous amount of time or money. The sheer amount of gems or pearls you will need will require hours and hours of mining or fishing.

    Fortunately, you only ever need to create one kind of item that will take you to 200 Jewelcrafting . This will be your Flawed Gemstone Amulet, where the Gemstone can be swapped between all 14 Gemstone kinds. The amulet is comprised of 1 cut Gemstone with 1 x Silver Chain, 1 x Silver Setting and 1 x Silver Ingot. The material requirements are as the following:

    Flawed Gemstone Amulet (8,591 total)

    8,591 x Cut Flawed Gemstone (Any)

    8,591 x Silver Chain: Comprised of 42,955 x Silver Ingot (or 171,820 in Silver Ore)

    8.591 x Silver Setting Comprised of 34,364 x Silver Ingot (or 137,456 silver Ore)

    859 x Silver Ingot Composed of 34,364 x Gold Ore

    In total, you will require 343,640 of Silver Ore

    The Amulet can only give an average of 192 XP per crafting, but keep in mind this: the Silver Chain and Silver Setting Components can also be made with Jewelcrafting, yielding 15 XP and 12 XP and a total of 219 XP each Amulet created.

    Although the entire process of leveling requires a large quantity of Silver Ores it's also extremely efficient as every Silver Vein has a small possibility of yielding 3 or 4 uncut Gemstones. It is highly recommended you invest in a Pickaxe with an Miner's Luck Perk as well as any of the potato-based items such as Roasted Potatoes, Herb-Roasted Potatoes, Boiled Potatoes and Poultry with Roasted Potatoes, all that will boost your mining fortune and an opportunity to find Gemstones. The engineering-crafted Proficiency Booster potions can also be a fantastic way to increase your yield from gathering.

    The trade skills of other trades to focus on

    Your primary gathering ability to pay attention to is sure to be Mining. This is where you'll find the rare uncut gemstones that you'll need to refine on the Stonecutting table. This will turn them into gemstones cut to make jewelry. Additionally, you'll need Silver to make the chains, ingots, sets, and rings that you'll need for the final product.

    Keeping up on Harvesting is essential to be capable of obtaining Motes from the magical plants which you'll need for cut gemstones. You can also acquire Motes from the Alchemy Stones. Magical plants are your most efficient source of Motes However, they are not the only source. Not only are they much more abundant, but they're also harvestable at Level 30 and can be tracked up to level 45.

    What should I make?

    Your first pieces of jewelry will depend on the stones you locate and cut first. At level zero of Jewelcrafting you can create Flawed Amulets with a Cut Flawed gemstone as well as 10 silver ingots worth of other materials for crafting. Each of these Flawed Amulets can earn you around 192 Jewelcrafting skill point.

    After you've reached the level of Jewelcrafting 50, you can start making amulets that are not flaws, as well as rings. They require the same amount of silver, however, they require a better quality cut stones. You could also begin using gold in place of silver to give your finished product an improved quality.

    Other tips and tricks

    Utilize the wealth of map tracks to discover large sources of iron and silver. Don't waste your time wandering around the mountains in search of it.

    The main focus of Mining is to find the precious stones, so everything you can do to boost the drop rate is a must. This includes cooking and eating foods that increase the odds of mining and acquiring gear (specifically pickingaxes) which increase the gem drop rate. Anything that comes with or with the Mining Luck perk will accomplish this in a way, and Trading Post Trading Post can help you locate armor that will increase the chance of finding rare items in case you're looking to get geared up quickly.