Know About Territories & Settlements in New World

  • In the New World there are pre-determined settlement locations inside Aeternum. Each settlement location will have a pre-defined layout that players will upgrade once they are in control of the settlement. Aeternum is split into distinct Territories Many of these Territories include their own Settlement along with a Fort.

    Differentialities Between a Settlement & a Fort

    There are a few key distinctions between an afort and a settlement. The Settlements are where the players socialize, live, craft trade, complete Town Projects, and support their Faction through Faction Missions. Settlements are also the re-spawning point for players following their death. They also serve as the location for purchasing your home, the place you'll find your storage, and where you can access the trading post.

    The Fort of a Territory is the most important point of defense for a Territory. It's what's under attack during War and serves as a faction control point in open world PvP, and is where invading forces (which comprise the PvE horde-type feature that New World offers) take place. It is also where players have to travel to claim the unclaimed Territory.

    How do Players Claim Territory?

    The only way to claim a territory is through war! However, there is a caveat. After the launch of the server's new version, there will not be any owners of the territory, so any territory not claimed may be claimed just by paying the claim fee at the fort. It is necessary to visit the fort to claim the territory that is not claimed. This is not possible in the settlement.

    After completing the pre-requites quests, players will be able to select from three Factions. After you have selected a Faction, you can make or join an Company. If a Company is formed, it inherits it the Faction of its founder. The Company can then take over and control a Territory and that of the Settlement or Fort that lies within that territory. Once a company owns an area, the settlement could be turned into fully-fledged player city, with the associated crafting stations, player housing taxes, fortifications, and more.

    Who owns the territory?

    If your business claims the territory , the head of the Company, called Governor, becomes the Governor of the Territory once a company controls the territory. But, the Owner of the Territory will be the Faction to which the Company is a part of, and companies simply act as a proxy to that Faction. In the case of dues, they are Territory Upkeep are due to the Faction that your company is a member of.

    Governor Responsibilities

    One of the responsibilities of Governors is setting the tax rate and the fees for residents so as to collect the dues due by the Faction. Other responsibilities of a Governor include maintaining control of the Territory for your Faction, as well as upgrading and maintaining the standard of living in your Settlement by initiating Town Projects that lead to Settlement improvements when they are completed, and focusing on upgrades for the territories residents.

    It's important to know that to be a resident of a territory you need to have a residence within that territories settlement. (More about this topic in the following).

    Governor's right Hand(s) - - Consuls

    What happens if the Governor goes away or isn't able to play for a time due to some reason? Who is the one who sets the direction for the Territory when that happens? The Governor is able to choose a Consul, or multiple Consul's, to aid in the administration of the Territory. It is important to remember that Consuls are granted a lot of the same authority and powers as the Governor of the Company and Territory they control, so they really need to be those you trust.

    Upgrades to a Settlement

    The Settlement's Crafting and Refining Stations can be upgraded. Upgrades to these stations allow for higher-quality and more powerful items to be crafted by the players that spend their time there. Furthermore, the Territory's Lifestyle Buffs and Fort Upgrades are managed through the governor. Lifestyle Buffs are powerful, long-term bonuses for things like crafting and combat that only are available to residents of your Territory. Each upgrade to the town will cost more in daily town maintenance.

    Residents are those who have homes in a particular Settlement. If a player doesn't own a house in a Settlement, they will not be eligible to receive the Territory's Lifestyle Bonuses. As with other upgrades, Lifestyle Buffs are activated by Town Projects set by the controlling Company.

    Town Projects

    Town Projects require a significant amount of investment and effort that is not just the control Company, but also the players who call this Settlement home. These are major activities that players can work with each other to enhance their Settlement. Town Projects are initiated by the Governor of the Settlement or one of their Consuls. Once a Town Project is activated, players in the town are allowed to undertake assignments that help advance the Project towards its completion. In order to take on one of these missions, simply walk to the town project board in the applicable settlement and you can view and accept the town project mission from there. The town project boards are located near the town hall in each settlement, and they can be found when you press the default button "M" and then zooming on your map.

    Town missions can award XP and currency, but they are more important because they aid in the advancement of their Town Project. Let's take an example: you'd like to upgrade the Forge in your Settlement, which will enable the crafters of weapons and armor to create higher-quality arms and armor to go on adventures. To do so it is necessary to enable"Upgrade Forge" Town Project "Upgrade forge" Town Project and then you, the other members of your company, and everyone who lives in town could cooperate to finish the task."

    You can not only level the settlement up, it's possible for your settlement drop levels as well. If your property's upkeep isn't maintained, or if the players are unable to stop corrupted invasions your settlement will level down.