You Need Konw About XBox

  • XBox is a brand name that is recognized by most of the serious gamers. It stands for the Entertainment Electronics that provide the most brilliant gaming experience and wide range of gaming options to the players. Many other gaming consoles were tried by the opponents, but none can match the premium image and the unique features of XBox gaming console.

    It is the recent addition that provides wide range of game selections and an equally brilliant online gaming experience through XBox live. It is the console on which you can play the most fantastic and popular games with the blockbuster library games that have every game on XBox. If you are an ardent game enthusiast, then you will have a huge collection to your library. It also provides movies on an equally fabulous multimedia experience.

    It is a fine gaming console, which has stunned game players with the amazing gaming features and the unbeatable gaming strategies. This gaming console has changed the entire interaction between gamers and especially between gamers and the TV. Now you can easily get rid of your boredom on these consoles. You can easily become a virtual superstar with these live multi player games, which are very thrilling. Moreover, the video gaming consoles are very Glacier like, that permits you to get rid of stress and tension.

    This gaming console is efficiently powered with 1.2 GHz PowerPC CPU, wit 4 MB of DRAM and 8 MB of embedded DRAM. This gizmo has 700 MHz Graphics processing speed. It features wireless controller and HDMI 1.2a. There is ample ports support in this console. The console is shipped with a detachable 20 GB hard disk drive to store the latest and thrilling games to your heart desire. This 20 GB hard disk drive can also be upgraded by adding an additional 500 GB SD card to the XBox.

    This electronic gizmo can efficiently be used for both, playing the games, as well as watching movies. Both the actions can be done with utmost ease. It is very fast, which renders the XBox games, a real phenomenon to look at. Both the gaming console provides you a very Practical gaming experience.

    Although the Sony PlayStation 3 console comes decked out in all the standard features, it does not get a better user experience from the onlookers. The Xbox 360 console provides a better graphical display, without a doubt. Even the Nintendo Wii is not the Lightening fast gaming console, but still is a Lightening fast console.

    With a Graphics processing speed of 1.2GHz, it can easily supply you a mind blowing display. With such a fast, flawless display, you will easily wirelessly enjoy the latest immersive and exciting games. The controller is also very user friendly and can be used to manipulate all the gaming options very easily. This console is designed in such a way that you can easily get lost in the world of a fantasy world.

    Although, the Nintendo Wii is known for its motion-sensing control, which allows the player to directly perform actions on the game screen, the Sony PS3 is the other gaming console that offers this same feature. Although, the Sony PS3 is the most attractive for its Blu-ray storage and the state of the art media features, which includes up to 64 GB of storage space.

    The Sony PS3 is the only gaming console that supports Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows the user to wirelessly connect to other users or play online games. This is one feature, which Microsoft is not offering with the Xbox 360, which allows the users to connect to other users. This console is also powered with a powerful processor, which gives theAvatar' online game a feeling of reality packed fun andTakeover game a real twist with its graphics.

    Ajeenviasing the advantage of the Blu-ray disc and it's larger space, the user can enjoy seeing the video clips with ease and also enjoy the DVDs with a higher definition with ease. This in fact turns the Sony PlayStation 3 into a full media center, as the user can also download music, movies and other forms of media from the Internet. This therefore gives the user a chance to save money, as the user does not have to visit the local video store to enjoy his favorite movie.