TBC Classic Mining Profession and Leveling 1-375 Guide

  • Mining is about acquiring ores and then smelting them into usable metal bars that are used as a primary material for Engineering, Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting. Mining is also an excellent profession to gather the raw materials needed for making gold.

    1. Introduction

    Mining is among the few professions that can be gathered to players. The focus of this profession is on collecting ore, not crafting products or consumables to use. The ore that is collected is often melted into bars and then used in Engineering and Blacksmithing to fuel their craft needs. However, the raw ore could be useful to jewelers.


    The first step to mining ore veins is for that you have an Mining Pick Icon Mining Pick. Mineral veins can take several attacks to completely empty and can take anywhere from 1 to 2 successful harvests all the up to eight. Be sure to completely rid the mineral vein in order to extract the most amount of material that you can.


    When you are concentrating on collecting ore, it is advised to utilize a speed boost, like Crusader Aura IconCrusader Aura or Riding Crop Icon Riding Crop. This can greatly increase the quantity of material you can collect in an hour since the movement speed allows you to go from one vein to the next much quicker over the course of an extended farming session.


    It is also possible Mining is a good option to enhance your goldmaking experience in TBC Classic. For more details on this, and other techniques that involve different professions, you can refer to our guide on this subject:

    2. What is the best way to mine ore?

    If you are learning Mining as an occupation, you'll also acquire a skill known as Finding Minerals IconFind Minerals which will display nearby mineral nodes as a gold spot in your miniature map. This lets you see mineral deposits hidden in areas that are off-screen, so you can collect the nearby mineral.


    If you come across the mineral vein, you can play with it in order to try and extract the ore. But, you can't collect all the ore at once and you'll see various colors that indicate how difficult is it for you to collect that particular ore. The colors are a representation of the skill required to collect the ore . They are as follows:


    Red indicates that the vein requires an additional level of skill than the one you have currently and it is not mineable at this time.

    The color orange indicates that you can extract this vein however your efforts may not succeed. Each time you succeed in mining the vein will improve your mining skills.

    Yellow indicates that you are able to mine this vein. However, your attempts might fail at times but the majority of successful attempts will improve your Mining skills.

    Green indicates that you are able to quickly mine the vein. Your efforts will never fail and you'll rarely improve your mining skills through mining these.

    Gray means that you can mine this vein without effort. Your efforts are guaranteed to succeed and will never improve your Mining skills.

    3. Smelting

    If you study Mining with the help of your trainers in addition to the extremely helpful Find Minerals iconFind Minerals you'll also be taught the technique of Smelting IconSmelting. This is a technique that miners are able to use when near a Forge in order to melt the minerals into usable metal bars that can be used to make. The best part is that melting minerals improves your Mining skills as well and can help you level your Mining skills quickly, without having to search for ore veins if you are willing to purchase the material.


    4. Mining Training

    The levels of skill you'll require to master include:


    Apprentice Level is a level that can be obtained at the beginning of your journey into the trade, starting from an initial skill level of 1 and increases to 75. The character must also be to be at least Level 5.

    Journeyman Level is a level that can be learned at the level of 50 before moving all the way to. The character must also be to be at least Level 10.

    Expert Level is a level that can be obtained at the level of 125, and then goes all the way to. The character also needs to be at least Level 20.

    The Artisan Level is a skill that can be acquired once you have reached a skill level of 200 , and then goes all the way to. The character also needs to be at least Level 35.

    Master Level can be learned at the level of 275 , and then goes up to 375. This is the highest level of Profession and also requires that your character be at the level 55.

    4.1. Azeroth (1 - 300)

    Learn about Mining with any Mining instructor, who can be found in major cities. If you are in the city of your choice, request a city guard for directions and then select the option to train a Mining instructor under the section on professions. The location will be marked on the map, allowing you to locate them easily and gain the Mining skill.


    4.2. Outland (300 - 350)

    To master Mining beyond the 300 skill level and beyond, you need to travel to Outland and speak with a master miner. Alliance as well as Horde players can locate their respective trainers on:


    [AHurnak] Icon of the Alliance, Grimmord in Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula in Hellfire Peninsula, around the coordinates (56,64).

    [H[H Horde icon Krugosh at Thrallmar in the Hellfire Peninsula, around coordinates (55,37).

    5. Mining Leveling (1 up to)

    5.3. The Leveling Route (1-300)



    The progression of your Mining begins with mine Copper Ore Icon Copper Ore located in the lower-level starting areas. When you've reached 50 Mining skill go to your local trainer to master Journeyman Mining, allowing you to increase your skill to 150 skills.




    After completing your training Journeyman Mining head out to either Hillsbrad Foothills, Redridge Mountains, The Barrens, Loch Modan, or Darkshore and search for these veins to gain skills-ups up to the 125th level:


    65-100 -- Copper Ore Icon Copper Ore

    65-125 -- Tin Ore Icon Tin Ore

    75-125 -- Silver Ore Icon Silver Ore



    Be sure to go to your local trainer to learn Expert Mining. There will be many of these ores since it is one of the most difficult areas in the progression of Mining since there is only one primary ore to build your skills from. Create beautiful circular routes through Arathi Highlands, Desolace as well as Thousand Needles to take in as much terrain as you can and keep your eyes open for:


    125-175 -- Iron Ore Icon Iron Ore

    150-175 -- Gold Ore Icon for Gold



    With 175 Skill, we gain the capability to mine Mithril which gives us access to a highly sought-after mineral. If you were previously in Arathi Highlands, you can continue to mine there since there's a wide variety of the ores you require. If not, you'll need to go there, and go to Hinterlands, or Tanaris.


    175-225 -- Mithril Ore Icon Mithril Ore



    When you reach 225 Skill, be sure you visit your local Mining instructor and get to know Artisan Mining. Then, continue on your current mining path until you get to 245.




    At 245 Skill , we acquire access to mining Small Thorium Veins and at 275 , we gain access to the Thorium Veins that are rich, which gives us the ability to quickly collect all the ore within the area , and then reach the skill Level 300. We suggest that you go to Un'Goro Crater, Blasted Lands, Felwood, or Silithus and collect any mineral veins which could give you an increase in skill.


    245-300 Thorium Ore Icon Thorium Ore

    6. Mining Leveling (300 - Leveling Mining (300 -)

    6.3. The Leveling Route (300-375)



    We will try to mine some Fel Iron Ore Icon Fel Iron Ore in the Hellfire Peninsula. Explore the mountain's edges in search of any veins you might spot on the minimap.




    In the next 25 skill-ups we'll head to Zangarmarsh and look around the outer boundaries of the map. We will discover an amalgamation from Fel Iron Ore Icon Fel Iron Ore as well as Adamantite Ore Icon Adamantite Ore both of which offer the ability to upgrade our skills.




    The final few skill-ups suggest you to move into Nagrand because we'll see an more nodes that are both regular and rich within the region. You may also decide to remain in your current location since Mining is a breeze to learn in any of the areas Outland offers.


    7. The new Phase 5 Smelting Skill

    In Phase 5 of the raid, Sunwell Plateau on the Isle of Quel'Danas includes a brand new pattern for smelting, which is able to be found in any of the garbage mobs in the raid. Study of Advanced Smelting Icon Study of Advanced Smelting is bound on Pickup and requires a player who has mining skills to collect the book for themselves. If used, the Miner will be able to Smelt the hardened Khorium icon. Khorium. These bars are needed for the creation of many new patterns for crafting that are available in the raid.