Barbarian Class and Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

  • The Barbarian, one of the tribes that are on the fringes of civilization rebuffs the influence of those whom he regards as weak and weak.

    Incessant clan warfare and the ongoing struggle for survival in the hostile wilderness are reflected in the Barbarian's sturdy and robust frame. Though perhaps lacking the sophistication of urban folk, the Barbarian has an acute awareness of the world around him. Because of his shamanistic belief system in power of animals that he associates with, the Barbarian is often associated with stories of Lycanthropy. In reality, he believes that he has the power to summon totemic animal spirits to fill his with supernatural strength and abilities, but these only work to improve his already formidable battle tactics.

    The Barbarian class is considered an improvement on the Warrior class of Diablo I. The most unique feature of the Barbarian is the capability to hold two weapons at the time. Allotting points to his 'Double Swing' ability in the Combat Actions tree will optimize the ability of this skill, allowing him to make a swift attack using both weapons. Anyone Barbarian can become a powerful combatant when paired with Skill Synergies.

    As a melee specialist a Barbarian should be mindful of his health and have a plentiful stock of health-enhancing potions. Luckily, he's got Find Potion and this will help him to successfully extract an ointment of health from the body of a slain monster. Higher levels let him leap over the pack to avoid danger in the event that he's required to. He's capable of creating a gap between himself and the opposition as he has the highest level of stamina of all the classes. He's able to run for an extended distance before needing to take a break to restore the stamina.

    The Barbarian has a complete tree dedicated specifically to Combat Mastery in order to improve his Combat Skills. All are at least Clvl 6. It's the only part of the tree which doesn't require the prerequisites. The first skill point you earn can be used to unlock any of the six available masteries. The masteries are all passive and thus do not require activating therefore as soon as a single point has been added he will begin to gain more proficiency with that weapon.

    While the first two Acts are relatively easy for a Barbarian to finish, it becomes harder to take on enemies when he is confronted with more magical foes. He'll need to watch his resistances since he doesn't concentrate on long-ranged combat, so the chances of him getting hit by a spell-caster playing toe-to-toe with a caster is very extremely high. This is exacerbated by the fact that the Natural Resistance skill doesn't become accessible until the player reaches the 30th level.

    Double Throw is the Barbarian's only long-range weapon. Throwing Mastery is the only way to improve this. However, points can't be added to the former until he reaches the level of 12.

    Another issue arises when dual-wielding weapons have been used. Placing a weapon in the off-hand slot deprives the Barbarian of a shield which, consequently, leaves him more vulnerable to melee foes due to a lower AC. The warcry Shout could be a method to counter this.


    There is a lot of variation in the Warcries tree, which ranges from attack skills to aura-like bonuses and corpse skills. Seven "Warcries" are the real ones; the three others are corpse skills that are put together by default.

    Warcries are cast the same way spells are. They are cast just like spells. Barbarian lifts his arms and shouts when the spell is cast. The war cry appears as a Nova of glowing light that is projected away from the Barbarian with an expanding circle. Each Warcry is unique in its graphic. However, the Barbarian's sound is different every time. There are several Warcries. The useful aura-like Warcries are able to fill the screen, while the attacking Warcries to hurt monsters usually are less effective usually just some yards.

    To receive Warcries that have beneficial effects the characters and minions must be within the range of Warcry's casting. The benefits will be available throughout the time of the skill which is dependent on how many points the Barbarian holds. The most beneficial Warcries should be refreshed before they expire.

    The three skills of the corpse can be extremely beneficial. Find Item is an invaluable skill for finding good equipment and Find Potion can also be helpful for the patient Barbarian. Grim Ward is a constant version of Howl, which can be found within the same tree.

    Echoing Weapons

    A good plan is to locate two weapons that echo and use them on the weapon switch. Echoing is a prefix that provides +3 to any Warcries, and two of them give +6 to every ability in this tree. Switch between weapons, make Battle Orders, and then back to your usual weapons. Dual Echoing can be used to locate items or Potion and then instantly brings them up to Slvl 7 (or higher) with other tools. This is a fantastic option to increase the chances of both.

    Even though you can use +2 sounding weapons however, they're not as effective. If you happen to be in town, check the NPC for Echoing weapons, and purchase any item that comes with this bonus so you can dual-wield. Regular weapons are the best choice because of their less requirements.

    You can locate two of these weapons through the shops of Harrogath. You could also enter the portal to Pindleskin to reset your inventories.

    Combat mastery

    Masteries improve the Barbarian's ability to make use of weapons such as polearms, swords, and throwable weapons with Throwing Mastery. The Barbarian must choose one mastery, or perhaps two, if you choose Throwing Mastery. Once they have reached the maximum number of points in their skill, they can continue working on it. Bonuses from your Masteries can boost your damage by each attack ability, which is why you should max them out first. You can utilize Whirlwind with Berserk, Leap Attack and Frenzy. The more mastery points you have will make them more powerful.

    Other than the six weapons masteries There are four additional passive abilities that are part of this tree. All of them deserve at least one point. While it's not required to increase stamina, it is a good thing. Increased Speed is the same as a luxury however, being faster means you can get to battle quicker, move faster in town, and can escape trouble more rapidly. Iron Skin is useful for defense. Natural Resistance is a very useful ability.

    Critical Strike

    Each of the Weapon Masteries gives the possibility of hitting % for double damage , just as Amazon's Critical Strike skill. The bonus is calculated following all other damage, bonuses from strength and abilities. The damage is doubled and can range hundreds of times more. This is always the case however, this bonus for double damage was not displayed in the skill description prior to D2X.

    Combat Skills

    The Combat Skills tree contains the Barbarian's ability to deal damage. There are crowd control skills which can target multiple targets and also skills to speed up attack speed, and crowd control attacks which can be effective against multiple targets. The tree also has an ability that is range-based, called Double Throw. The Barbarian also has the ability to Berserk that allows him to cause magical damage.

    These skills all work perfectly with the Barbarian's Masteries that increase his weapon's damage when he employs any type of attack. Warcries are helpful also in many instances.

    According to the legend, the Northern Steppe tribes were given sacred power when the world was young. Somewhere deep within the great Arreat mountain, is a source of great power essential to the health of all humanity. The tribes act as guardians of this artifact, and by virtue of this sacred duty, have developed their lives to honor the power of this source.

    The people of this region are steeped in tradition and mystery and are known as "The Children of Bul-Kathos", the famous and ancient King. To defend their homelands from invasions from outside, they chose to live a nomadic existence, frequently moving within the boundaries of the Steppes and establishing a few permanent settlements. Isolating themselves from all outsiders They eschew the use of magic or complicated machinery as they believe that these tools will just weaken the determination that they have which they've built up over time.

    The Children of Bul-Kathos have developed a kinship with the land and have discovered how to harness the primordial energy of nature to boost their own substantial physical prowess. The tribes are untainted by the trappings of the outsideworld, that's why Western Kingdoms used to call barbarians. This is a slur that reveals their rich cultural and spiritual tradition. While some do trade with these curious folk but they only do it within the outermost boundaries of their territories. Any intrusion into the territory around Mount Arreat is forbidden. Northern tribe warriors will stop any attempts.

    Every attempt to conquer is always defeated by a decisive and fierce resistance. In one skirmish, hordes of Barbarian tribesmen appeared silently where they had not been before. Their bodies were painted in eerie patterns, the tribesmen descended upon the invaders and roared when they charged, like fierce mountain winds. Half of the trespassing soldiers fled immediately, while the rest were attacked by Northmen with fervor unlike any of the battle-hardened invaders. The Northmen did not ask for a quarter and none was provided, however, at the end of the day, when the outlanders signaled a complete retreat, there was not a chase provided also . . . At the very least all of them could be detected.

    It's interesting to observe that, in the aftermath of Diablo's return, a small number of Barbarian warriors have been seen wandering around the Steppes looking for information about the Prime Evils' latest activities.

    Traits and Abilities

    Famous for their incredible combat skills and their arrogant manner of speaking Barbarians seem to be perpetually ready to go into battle. Through harsh conditioning, the Barbarians excel in physical combat as well as incredible feats of power. Their power comes principally from their intense physical training however, they also draw energy from the world around them. The abilities they possess can be added to the already impressive list of superhuman capabilities and feats they've achieved.