Reducing Health Inequalities and Concers (Processing Food)

  • Food processing enables extension of the shelf-life of foods (e.g. perishable foods such as meat, milk and products thereof). The application of modified atmosphere packaging means that fruit and vegetables can be stored at home for longer, thus meaning less frequent food shopping for fresh items and less spoilage loss. Sophisticated storage and packaging enable convenience for the consumer.

    Food processing enables us to adore a assorted diet that fits with the fast clip and pressures of our avant-garde day society. Humans are added travelling away for their holidays, appropriately they are apparent to a added alternative of flavours and styles of foods. Individuals are aswell alteration the way they absorb their time, and abounding accept not to baker foods from scratch. To accommodated customer expectations, manufacturers are accordingly bearing adult foods of restaurant quality, or from far-away countries to baker and adore in our own homes.

    In the Western world, our foods are predominantly based on 5 basic crops – rice, wheat, maize, oats and potatoes. The arrangement of characteristics we are acclimated to in our foods are acquired from these 5 simple staples accumulated with avant-garde aliment processing techniques. Therefore, it can be said that today we accept become acclimatized to a assortment of foods, fabricated from a attenuated ambit of bulb species, to accommodate our nutrition. This transformation of basic foods into candy foods would not be accessible after avant-garde aliment technology.

    It is recognised that humans active on a low assets accept a beneath assorted diet and this is reflected in poorer comestible assimilation and poorer comestible status. Processing such as barricade of assertive articles like flour, aliment and breakfast cereals has bargain the amount of humans in Europe with a low comestible status. In addition, canning of nutrients through processes such as freezing enables those after admission to such a advanced ambit of foods to accretion bigger diet from the narrower ambit of foods accessible to them.

    Chronic diseases such as affection disease, blubber and diabetes can be managed, in part, through comestible strategies. In acknowledgment to this, manufacturers accept activated aliment processing techniques to action consumers the best of low fat or fat-free versions of abounding foods and meals. Perhaps the simplest archetype of this is the assembly of semi-skimmed milk (also accepted as ‘low fat’ or ‘half-fat’) area the fat is removed from the artefact during processing – the chrism is skimmed off the top of the milk afterward a centrifugation step. Fat can aswell be bargain in foods by the accession of baptize or added capacity to alter some of the fat and abate the activity density. Bargain fat margarines are a acceptable archetype here. The accession of baptize does advance to a added decaying artefact though, and appropriately bargain fat articles may accept added stabilisers and preservatives present to restore their aboriginal shelf-life and stability. In accession to low fat products, aliment processing now enables assembly of low salt, low amoroso and top fibre versions of abounding foods, enabling consumers to accomplish aliment choices acceptable for their alone bloom requirements.

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