Lost Ark:Preload times and servers to open in February

  • Lost Ark has been available in South Korea since 2018, and next month it will launch Western localization and servers in Europe and the Americas. Development team Smilegate has provided information on when the preload will be available, as well as where the servers will be before the February 11 release.

    Smilegate and Amazon have announced that Lost Ark will officially launch on Friday, February 11 at 9AM PT. However, if you've purchased the Founders Pack, you'll have early access to the game, starting February 8th. And preloading will open on February 7th at 9AM PT. You can choose from a new set of servers on launch day, including 9 European servers, 10 US servers, and 2 South American servers.

    Smile also detailed that there is no option to keep character names before playing. Players can only reserve and claim their name to start the game by completing character customization.

    Lost Ark's character creation allows players to customize the basic makeup of their characters, allowing you to create a unique basic look and look for yourself.

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