Challenge rewards and on the free track of Rocket Pass

  • In addition, those who make it out of the first round of Rocket League Credits a Tournament arCurrently, the implementation of the Rocket League reward system is integrated with the Rocket Pass, which is divided into free and premium items.

    With the upcoming F2P update, the new challenge system will feature Weekly, Season, and Event Challenges. In addition, Drops will also be introduced, which can be found as Challenge rewards, and on the free track of Rocket Pass.

    When opened, Drops award an item that is added to your inventory. They come in every rarity type starting with Uncommon and grant an item of the same rarity as the Drop or higher, including Black Market items.

    The items received from Drops can also be traded to LOLGA other players. There’s no official announcement yet on when they plan to go free-to-play, but it looks like Psyonix is making Rocket League worth the wait.e entitled to receive an in-game currency called Tournament Credits.