Rocket League will be getting a March update

  • Rocket League will be getting a March update the next day for all available systems and introduces a handful of latest content material and capabilities inclusive of Rocket League Prices the capacity to alternate-in Blueprints for…more Blueprints.

    In a new blog put up, Psyonix explains that players can be capable of subsequently exchange-in a total of 5 Blueprints from the same collection and rarity in change for 1 Blueprint of better exceptional. Blueprints had been delivered to the game as a alternative for loot crates and permit the participant to see what the object is and calls for Credits for use to liberate the object.

    When the feature first launched, there was heavy backlash over the pricing, but Psyonix has due to the fact decreased the value barely, but a few gadgets still continue to be at a big number of Credits, costing gamers a bargain of real-international cash, unless of course, they’ve been saving up the 100 credit they could release totally free during the Rocket Pass levels till they hit the extent cap.