What is the best security camera? See tips for choosing yours.

  • Currently, there are a wide range of types of security cameras on the market.

     The latest technological advances have provided multiple benefits that allow us to obtain accurate and valuable data. There are different types of security cameras with different functions and applications.

     Technology, software and the latest technological developments provide greater clarity and Security system installation. Let's get to know more about types of security cameras then?

    Types of Security Cameras and their Application

     Infrared Cameras

     If the camera is placed in a location with low light or if you need 24-hour surveillance, the best option is to place cameras with night vision.

     These cameras record during the day in color, and when lighting is poor, they automatically turn on infrared to continue recording in black and white. There are already models that record in color at night.

     Vandal proof cameras

     For public areas and places that are especially vulnerable to theft and vandalism, more resistant cameras with specific protection are indicated.

     These cameras have a shock resistant housing. They are usually fixed and have a very impact resistant metal shield. Perfect for parking, warehouses, discos or outdoor bars or shops.

     IP cameras

     IP cameras are systems that use a data network as infrastructure to function. They are generally indicated for projects that involve large distances or that have many cameras, as there will be a substantial reduction in the required infrastructure. In a traditional design each camera needs a pair of cables, one for power and one for video for each camera. In IP cameras, the entire connection can be made by a single cable.

     With an IP camera, you can use your cell phone to view your home from anywhere in the world, without the need for other equipment.

     Another advantage is the image quality that is superior to traditional cameras.

     Motion and Zoom Cameras.

     The zoom and motion cameras are ideal for CCTV installations that need active monitoring or for large spaces that are monitored such as shopping malls, streets or football fields. One of the most used cameras for this purpose are the known Speed ​​Domes .

    Hidden cameras

     If you need to discreetly monitor any part of your home or business, we recommend spy cameras.

     These cameras are placed inside an object (smoke detectors, motion sensors, mirrors, screws, plugs…) and go 100% unnoticed to everyone who passes by.

     All-in-one cameras

     The most modern cameras on the market are complete all-in-one systems, as it is the camera itself that connects to the Internet (with or without cables), is compatible with cell phones and tablets and also stores the images on a memory card.

     All-in-one cameras let you see and record everything that goes on in your home without complicated installations.

     The installation of each security camera will depend on the model chosen, but in general it will only require a power point and an internet connection.

     All have their own applications, so after the physical installation the application itself helps you in the installation step-by-step.

     Note that depending on your need there is a suitable security camera systems in Chicago, and that not necessarily the most expensive will meet your demand.

     Therefore, it is interesting to call a team or company specialized in security system installation to understand your need and indicate the best solution.

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