Path of Exile: Expedition here is a new update on PC

  • Many new functions are now available on the PC. Path of Exile is a new update on the PC side. Players of Path of Exile PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait for a while: the expansion will land on the console platform. On July 29, Grinding Gear Games’ unreleased content has many new features. Including new matches and new events players can search for treasure chests to get rewards. And find monsters to trade artifacts in exchange for treasures and so on.

    The developer said: "In Path of Exile: Expedition, you will participate in the Kagoran Expedition, using the explosive chain to dig out lost items and missing bodies. Then trade, trade and bet on these relics with their merchants. This July expansion pack Including the expedition alliance, four new NPC merchants, 19 new skills and auxiliary gems, new POE Currency types and items. In particular, we have also made some balance adjustments to make the Path of Exile more challenging Sex. Including a thorough overhaul of the ampoule system. Finally, the path of exile: the long-awaited return of the royal family!

    Therefore, the developers decided to release many small fixes, including many improvements to the game interface. In addition, the studio’s CEO and co-founder Chris Wilson noticed the feedback on the mana cost and said: “Yes, they are too extreme. Based on your feedback and data, we are reviewing the mana cost multiplier again And will reduce many of them. The goal is that mana is more important than in the past."

    The expansion also introduces new features to the game map through the strange character Kalguur. You can defeat them by Buy POE Currency, or you can resurrect them from the grave to get rewards . New skills will be introduced in the form of new gems. As a result, the path of exile has become "more difficult": with this update, the creators of the game hope to "recreate the famous challenge of the path of exile". This huge game balance will continue in future expansions until Path of Exile 2. Find all the details on the official English website.