World of Warcraft: Shadow Realms New Version Levels Declassifie

  • In the last week, Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft would be removing the heirloom experience bonus in version 9.0. Dissatisfied with the idea that this change by Blizzard will make players spend significantly more time leveling up in 9.0, but remove the experience bonus for heirlooms It won't make leveling time significantly higher.

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    World of Warcraft version 9.0 restricts players' leveling, lowering it from 120 to 60, even if the player acquires through quests The experience is also down, but the upgrade speed will be faster than the 8.0 version. If you want to be strong in the Shadowlands, you have to have high-level weapons close by, and I recommend you to, whici is a great website to Buy WoW Items Cheap.

    Save your game titles in multiple slots.At times set a fresh one in. You may want to go a different stage. When you constantly preserve with the exact same place, this can't be accomplished.

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    When World of Warcraft 9.0 was in open beta, there was a level 1-60 upgrade tournament, but in the beta phase there was no Removed the heirloom experience bonus, so level 1-60 upgrades were faster at the time, with the fastest player taking just 4 hours! Leveled up from level 1 to 60 in 02 minutes, and most players in this tournament stayed within 8 hours of leveling up! , such a fast rate of escalation also led Blizzard to decide to remove the heirloom experience additions.