World of Warcraft Classic Game - Berserker's Blast Threshold

  • World of Warcraft classic game open to now, berserkers will always be a very attractive profession, with the development of the World of Warcraft classic game version, berserkers players for equipment requirements more and more high, but also more and more interested in Blizzard said the principle of the riot threshold, many players only know the riot threshold is a need to rely on the hit rate to improve the skill, but do not know the principle of the riot threshold in the end is what, today I will explain to you about the berserkers concerned about the riot threshold.

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    First of all, if a player wants to understand the riot threshold, they need to know what the basic theory of melee parry damage is, that is, when a player parries a target head-on, six situations will occur, namely, riot, deflection, missed, dodge, parry, and normal attack, although six situations will occur, but most of the time there are only four cases of riot, missed, dodge, and normal hit.

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    The probability of the four situations of Blitz, Missed, Dodge, and Normal Hit occurring is greater than 99%, and the other situations are only 1%, and the Berserker should choose how to increase the probability of a Blitz. If you want to become a powerful berserker, then wow gold classic is an indispensable part of the game, and this article will give you advice on how to Buy WoW Gold Classic Cheap.