The overall advantages of Path of Exile

  • No ARPG can match the path of exile. Hundreds of nodes and seven types of passive trees are enough to meet the needs of vagrant lovers who are impressed by the dungeon, but the path of exile does not end there. Skills, POE Currency and ascent capabilities can provide almost unlimited construction possibilities.

    Even after Heist hates them, the assassin is still the best place to control the soft core structure. Mistwalker provides a strong defense layer, and the assassin's many key bonuses make any non-small build scale can be well integrated into the final game.

    Assassin-based venom is so effective that the game will lag behind when trying to calculate the amount of venom exposed by the target.

    Impale is very powerful against any attack, which is what Champion is good at. It also allows players to use powerful taunting mechanisms, and even use permanent Fortify to build buildings that don't normally enhance arrow and bow characters.

    Due to the excellent integration of offensive and defensive ends, the starting role of the league is usually the champion. Survivability is the main focus of Juggernaut, although high defense does provide surprising offensive capabilities, depending on the structure.

    The amazing endurance charge generation and sufficient accuracy enable the Juggernaut to use the right equipment to become a fatal monster. For hardcore players, Juggernaut is still a good choice because of its incredible armor level, stamina cost, and ability to ignore some of the worst slowing effects in the game.

    The damage caused over time should be carefully considered to choose an occultist as an advantage. Void beacons and the withering existence or harsh awakening make the occultists greatly amplify the damage of chaos and cold DoT. Mystics also Buy POE Currency to make a wonderful curse support role.