Philadelphia Eagles' New York Giants: Crazy 21 Sims in Week Sev

  • The hot trend simulated by Madden 21 continued until week 7. So far, the only game that Madden has predicted incorrectly for the New York Giants is that they narrowly lost to the Chicago Bears in Week 2.

    Unlike last week's simulation game, this game has a high score and uses the penultimate method. Many players use Madden 21 Coins to their advantage. The Giants scored the first point of the game from Graham Gano's field goal, but then they lost the lead when DeSean Jackson entered the end zone.

    Philadelphia expanded its lead with its own field goal, but it didn't take long. Due to the long reception of Evan Engram, the Giants equalized 10-10 at the end of the first half.

    The third quarter scored higher, the fourth quarter was higher, and finally ended with a score of 17-17. Early in the fourth quarter, Carson Wentz saw Richard Rodgers in the red zone leading 24-17. As New York time approached, Daniel Jones gave up the pass and scored before the two-minute warning.

    The Giants' defense gained a foothold and forced the Eagles to tie the ball in less than 30 seconds. In the following game, Dion Lewis (Dion Lewis) dropped the pass all the way to the Eagles (Eagles) 27-yard line. That game will establish a final score of 27-24 to win Garno's field goal.

    Daniel Jones completed the game very efficiently, scoring 18 goals with 22 points and scoring 1. Devonta Freeman also rushed for a strong 85 yards and a touchdown.

    If Buy MUT 21 Coins is similar to the previous Madden version, or even not bad at all, it will be a very exciting night.

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