Cyberpunk 2077 now also delays other games

  • The postponement of Cyberpunk 2077's release date to December 10th has not only affected the open world RPG fans who are eager to play CD Projekt Red. Now it has been delayed for three weeks, affecting other games. The path of exile featuring the POE Currency system is the best example.

    The final game expansion of "path of exile" 3.13 is scheduled to be released on December 11. Just last week, developer Grinding Gear Games stated that the expansion is expected to be "in a very stable and complete state" on that date.

    However, now the release date of "Cyberpunk 2077" has been changed to December 10 (from November 19), "Grinding Gear Games" has got rid of the obstacles. The expansion plan for Path of Exile 3.13 was postponed from December 11 to sometime in January 2021.

    "We don't want our players to have to choose between these two games, so we decided to quit the game and postpone the release of "Path of Exile" 3.13 to January," Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson ( Chris Wilson) wrote in a post on the POE forum.

    Wilson continued: "We still hope to complete 3.13 by early December/mid-December." "The scope of this extension will remain the same. Within one month before the release, we will begin work on the 3.14 extension."

    This is a bit strange, although I understand it a bit. There will certainly be many POE players who want to invest in Cyberpunk 2077 in the second year after its release. Therefore, expanding the POE expansion within a month means that they don’t have to waste time or feel that they have missed a game. Or another.

    However, for stubborn exiles, this seems to be a punishment. They are ready to POE Currency Buy and must wait now, even if the expansion is ready, especially if they are not going to play "Cyberpunk 2077." As you might expect, the posts on the forum were mixed, with some fans thanking Wilson, while others were very dissatisfied with the incident.

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