SWTOR 6.1.4: Some things you should know

  • SWTOR Update 6.1.4 will be released on October 20, 2020. This patch will not bring new story content. It focuses on improving various existing and running systems in the game. Highlights include a new seasonal event "Feast", which actually does have some story elements, new top level additions, conquest changes, new deserter lock timers and rules against PvP poisoning, and more! The following will explain the rules against PvP poisoning.

    BioWare has developed a set of new rules and in-game systems to resist the increasing toxicity of games in a PvP environment. These new features have been released in version 6.1.4. In the "Unranked War Zone", you will be blocked by a 15-minute desert escape before exiting the game. If you get https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits  in the game, you will get a 5-minute lock timer. If you don't know, these tools will also be installed in 6.1.3 and earlier patches.

    This change is mainly for ranked PvP. In both "Solo" and "Team Ranking", you can no longer use the "Vote Kick" command. It has been removed from this part of the game. In addition, with "diminishing returns", the offline lock timer is increased to 20 minutes. If you decline the game or leave the game before completion, you will be locked. If you continue to do this, the system will make your penalty time longer until you reach the hard limit.

    If you press the maximum timer for "Escaper Shutdown" in the "Leaderboard", it will be kept for the rest of the week (until Tuesday). An important change to note here is that the https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits prevents all PvP activities from queuing: unranked, solo ranking, group ranking, and Metroid. In addition, all leavers locked will be based on the account.

    Why does BioWare do all of this? Some of the thinking behind this change is that for one-off events, such as insufficient queues or a few minutes of absence due to poor network connectivity, a smaller fine will still apply. When the penalty points increase, we can start to assume that the probability of trying to manipulate the level or gaining an advantage in qualifying is greater than the probability of missing several explosions in consecutive crashes. "-Chris Schmidt announced on the forum shortly before the 6.1.4 patch was released.