SWTOR in-game event schedule for January 2021

  • BioWare has released a schedule of in-game events, which will be the tenth year since the game was released!

    Although going to Ilum has always been a great experience for me, seeing it is my favorite SWTOR planet, but Gerry’s return has not been thrilled to hear or see for many years. The oldest repetitive event is still carried out monthly or monthly. You can challenge all kinds of robots in size and challenge, as well as some unique beasts and world leaders to get special rewards. Reputation and credibility.

    This Gree incident was once BioWare's attempt to create a competitive scene on Ilum and replace the failed attempt of Western Ice Shelf in the Open World region when the game was released. Of course, I will not go back and detail how and why it failed.

     If you are a new player, I strongly recommend that you check the world. I love the first appearance of the Gree event, although now I have expressed negative feelings about it (because it has returned so many times in the past few years, I still can’t appreciate it), for anyone who is new to SWTOR Gold Is a great experience or game for everyone!

    There are no other requirements other than a character level of 50 or higher. Just stop at the terminal of the fleet to start your introductory mission, then head to the western ice shelf and start participating.

    Explore the controversial area of ??Ilum on the western ice shelf to discover the mysterious purpose of Gray Secant, a huge ancient Gree starship. Prepare to face a mighty opponent waiting for you in the center of this ancient ship. Visit https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits to start the adventure!

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