Predict the five highest-rated Falcons players in Madden 22

  • Fans of the league saw the upcoming Madden NFL video game from Electronic Arts for the first time. Regardless of how you feel about the game, generally, player ratings cause the biggest debate among fans. For nearly ten years, wide receiver Julio Jones has been the Falcons' highest-rated player. Now Jones is gone, which opens the door for the next generation of Atlanta players. Player ratings will not be announced until July 29, so here are the five Falcons with the highest ratings in this year's game.

    For a long time, Fario was not Julio Jones' highest score. Since Jones is not there, I think Jarrett will be the best on the list, with a steady score of 90 points. This is the same rating that Jarrett gave when he was released in "Madden" a year ago. But Jarrett's total points dropped to 89 in the middle of the season and returned to 90 points two weeks later. Jarrett finished his season with Madden 21 as the fifth defensive tackle, and may be in a lower position when Madden 22 is launched, while Vita Vea and Jonathan Allen are expected to climb.

    Even after Ridley's strong performance in the 2020 season, I still believe that the main goal of the Falcons is not to enter the early 90s in the game. At the end of the Madden 21 season, 13 buyers scored higher than Ridley, and I expect that as we enter the new season, the situation will be more or less the same. But as the season progressed, the initial low score also opened the door for continued upgrades. During the season, Ridley's Madden points increased by 6%. With the help of Madden 22 Coins you can also quickly level up in the game.

    Speed means that all of Madden and Ridley's 93 ratings a year ago made him one of the fastest receivers in the league. Not many teams have kickers with top players. Younghoe Koo has a breakthrough season in 2020, and his Madden 22 rating should reflect this. Koo's overall rating at the beginning of the season was only 67, but he rose by 14 places and ended up at 81-an increase of 21% from this season. MUT Coins is also the best choice to get a higher level.