NBA 2K22 cover star appears to be leaked

  • One of the biggest questions surrounding any newly released NBA 2K franchise usually involves who appears in the game's box art. In recent years, this team has begun to feature many different iconic basketball stars. One is usually an active player, while the other is usually a retired "legend". Speaking of "NBA 2K22" released this year, we now seem to know who will appear on one of the two covers.

    According to a new leak on Reddit (recognized as legal by reporter Jason Schreier), it is said that Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki will appear as the cover player of NBA 2K22. Although there is no direct explanation in the leak, Nowitzki is likely to appear in the legendary version because he is no longer an active player. Nowitz, who retired in 2019, is widely regarded as one of the best power forwards in the history of the NBA. NBA 2K22 MT can let you get this role.

    It is worth noting that Schreier himself mentioned that he is not sure whether Nowitzki is the accurate cover star of NBA 2K22. However, as he later pointed out on social media, since all other content in this leak (all related to 2K games) is accurate, Nowitzki is likely to be one of the cover characters. NBA 2K22 MT can let you get this role.

    We currently don’t know anything about the official identity of NBA 2K22, and 2K Sports has not officially announced this year’s game version. And it is likely to wait until the end of the NBA playoffs, but this is also a guarantee that this summer will continue. We will eventually see the game appear at some point. If everything goes according to plan, NBA 2K22 is likely to be launched in September as usual. NBA 2K22 MT can let yourself experience a more complete game!