How franchise scouting will work in Madden 22

  • Last year, Madden 21's Scouting system did not seem so exciting. Previously, once Madden players were prompted by the game, they would be required to check the list of players who met the draft criteria, and then spend scout points to discover the key attributes and potential of the players. This year, both EA Sports and the Madden development team touted that Scouting will make a major upgrade for Madden 22. Below is our understanding of how it will work this year.

    First of all, it is important to note that the changes in this Madden 22 Coins are based on player requirements. EA stated that the Madden community "strongly requested" the establishment of a more powerful reconnaissance system in Madden. The Madden developers seem to have listened, and this is what we currently know.

    According to screenshots released by EA so far, the United States will be divided into several regions. Your task is to assign area scouts in the area to check the prospects of that particular area . According to reports, each scout will also have a professional level, which seems to improve the efficiency of reconnaissance based on the scout's professional knowledge.

    This reconnaissance system looks like a welcome change to the Madden franchise, but unfortunately, players need to wait longer to get this feature. EA Sports said that because this is a major reform, the feature will be added as part of the real-time service update in September. Once added, Madden 22 players will need to update and restart the game in order to buy Madden NFL 22 Coins.