The next league of Path of Exile is coming

  • Released by Matthias Brückle-In Path of Exile at 16:00 on July 2, 2021, the next league and update 3.15 are coming soon. The developer has released a small preview for the announcement event of the new Path of Exile expansion. The opening ceremony will be held on July 15.

    The endless loop of the path of exile is unstoppable: With the ultimatum, another challenge alliance is coming to an end, and fresh game food can't wait for players. Because every quarter, GGG developers will launch new alliances with special mechanisms and special rewards in action role-playing games. For more information on Path of Exile, the ultimatum mechanic has not yet entered the main game.

    At 22:00 on July 15th, we will find out which league will be replaced with an ultimatum and which league will be accompanied by the 3.15 patch. After the live broadcast on July 15th, there will be a QA session with ZiggyD, where ZiggyD will interview studio owner Chris Wilson about the new unheard of alliances. The new expansion pack will be released on the PC on July 23 and on the mainframe on July 28.

    Skilled gamers can extract some information from this short game clip. Because the player character in the video relies on a new ability: a new "melee" skill that starts from the player and causes damage to opponents in a circular area. A chaotic projection spell that does not rely on the influence of POE Currency. A lightning field spell that causes damage in a square area, and then "opens" again from four sides, again causing a higher level of damage. You will eventually see another Chaos Spell, but as a new star, it will shoot down all enemies around you and blow them up into a smaller Chaos Nova after you die. At the same time Buy POE Currency will make you stronger.