Some changes in the Path of Exile expedition

  • Path of Exile has been a new exile for a long time. I first saw it in 2010, and it was released in beta in October 2013. According to general manager Chris Wilson, Grinding Gear Games has released 30 updates and expansions since then. This allows players to execute a boring strategy that faces fewer challenges than the studio and the community wants.

    Therefore, after Wilson announced the upcoming expedition expansion pack, he also invested in a series of balance changes and additions to solve the meta-game and difficulty of Path of Exile, including the rework of the first act. The 3.15 expansion pack and these changes will be released on the PC on July 23 and on the game console on July 28.

    The changes introduced by Grinding Gear during the expedition solved the problems the studio had encountered during the years of exile. Obtained 19 new skills and auxiliary gems , the enhancement method of these abilities is different from other expansion. Changing the balance will repair the spread of the power that supports the gem. The event will be completely rebalanced. Start by exploring the first scene outside the door.

    Flasks will also change to achieve the style of the game. You can take advantage of the benefits of these items without using the so-called "flask piano". In this case, players can tap with their fingers or use POE Currency to tap multiple keys at once for their flask. Wilson even showed a flask-only construction that can turn characters into crazy bombers. as long as they don't use weapons. As for the timing, it feels a lot like Grinding Gear knows what it has to do, but also knows that it may be difficult for players to sell, like a furry person looking at the bandage, knowing that it is easier to tear off the bandage than to take it slowly. Drop it and prolong the damage. POE Currency Buy allows you to quickly upgrade in a short period of time.