Breaking the Patriots’ Madden 22 ratings

  • The release of the latest version of "Madden" is an annual event, closely related to the start of the new NFL season. Madden '22, released this year, is no exception, as the game will feature Tom as the protagonists Brady and Patrick Mahomes on August 17. Part of the "MVP" version appeared on the cover. As always, NFL fans paid a lot of attention to Madden's comprehensive score announcement before the game was released, and these scores will continue to be updated throughout the season. After digesting this year's preliminary rankings, Patriots fans should know! The Madden 22 Coins will allow you to get players ranked before the exam,

    It shouldn’t be surprising to see Stephen Gilmore (97) and Devin McCourty (92) top the team’s overall rankings. Gilmore's score in last year's Madden game was 99, a drop of only two points, while McCourty was steady at 92. Both players will become a member of "Team X Factor" and will have "X-Factor Abilities" in this year's game. To get these two players, you only need madden 22 coins.

    Some young Patriots were one of the team’s biggest ascenders last year. Michael Unwennu jumped 18 points from his initial score in Madden’s 21 years, taking an impressive rookie season all the way. Climbed to 80 points. The 2020 rookie Kyle Dugger's rating has risen by 5 points to 78. Three third-year Patriots have also made significant progress. Jakobi Meyers 75 (+5), Chase Winovich 78 (+5) and Damen Harris 75 (+6) have all made great progress in the game. Meyers even achieved a throwing power rating of 74 after two touchdowns last season, easily ranking fourth on the team after three quarterbacks.

    Although Kyle Van Noy 80 (-6), James White (-4) and Lawrence Gay (-4) have the largest drop in ratings from last year’s initial ratings, the ratings are not for everyone . Joe Cardona scored 25 points overall, while Mac Jones scored 28 points. He scored with all the wingers, which is enough to make him 7th on the team. The defense is leading in terms of speed. Jonathan Jones topped the list with 93 points, and then tied for the five players behind him with 91 points, including Stephen Gilmore, Devin McCourty, and Nelson Agho. Le, Marvin Hall and rookie Tre Nixon. This may promote some fierce competition in the summer. Buy MUT 22 Coins and you can fully experience more exciting games.