Another player who is on the RuneScape forum reported killing

    The 2021 party hats stand out from the 2001 party hats. They're gold-colored party hats and OSRS gold the old ones were available only in blue, white and green. They also came in red yellow, and purple. The Golden Party Hat will symbolize an individual's participation in the 20th Anniversary event, or something to sell, even though they're not necessarily as valuable as the originals. Each player can only earn one Gold Party Hat during the celebration, and they'll remain scarce, however it is unlikely that players discard their hat this time around.
    To earn the Golden Party Hat, players have to collect the eight Golden Party Hat Shards and be enrolled in an active RuneScape membership. This is $11 per month or less if players commit to 12 months of Premier Club membership. (Membership can also be purchased by using Bonds, which are tradable in-game items like the EVE Online's Plex.) Some Shards can be earned by fulfilling specific tasks, like completing the "Once Once Upon a time In Gielinor" anniversary quest or buy an item for 30,000,000 gold. Some are random drops that occur while players are learning techniques or performing other tasks.
    Jagex states that a breakdown security system will prevent players playing RuneScape from being left hatless prior to the event's conclusion on January 3.
    "If you continue to train an ability or finish scrolling puzzles, the odds of receiving a shard rise by a significant amount," the developer says. "Essentially our goal is that participants who are taking part in this tournament can make their own hats, without too stress."
    That doesn't stop some players from grinding Shard drops as quickly as they can by preparing breakfast for the thousands of sailfish. Another player who is on the RuneScape forum reported killing "2,000 monsters of the deep" without seeing the Combat Shard drop, while another player claimed they received an Combat Shard after fighting dark creatures for cheap RuneScape gold six hours. We all celebrate in various ways.