RuneScape - The most efficient method is using the cannon

  • It's still the most reliable gear that isn't way too expensive and OSRS gold I would have advised that you should make use of a cls/dfs to bandos , but didn't presume that you'd be able to afford or want to get another chaotic. I'm looking for a yak, however I use a pony that has overloads +turm. It's the most effective non-professional gear available. If you're planning to go solo'ing , then you can earn the cash back you spent relatively easily.

    If you don't have at minimum overloads/turm/pony then i wouldn't suggest doing. I'm assuming you can get the tortoise to drink tons of drinks, but a pony is easier. Ok, I've got the gear above that you own, with the exception of those with Claws and Fury (Sold my AGS), and I don't have CLS. I have turm but not overloads or pony. Any other spec wep? I'm thinking Dragon Halberd TBH.

    Is it worth it selling DFS as Claws? I got spare money in my kingdom (like 4M in there ATM) so any other shield besides DFS/Ely/Divine/Chaotic? My inven will consist of 5 brews, Super attack and super power, and three super restores and a prayer potion, the rest being rockstails. I own a tortoise and I'll fill up with rocktails. Would that be sufficient for ~2/3 solo kills? With AGS and original post gear , I managed to get 2 solo (including minions).

    The most efficient method is using the cannon or steel titan for frem boot 4. The order in which you kill them is based on whether you'd like tanks Supreme and not. The most efficient method is to just alternate between Rex/Supreme on a 2k world by firing cannons, and then range Prime if you get any time , while both Rex as well as Supreme are dead, and if they are not, allow the cannon (and/or titan) destroy Prime. Titan is very precise on Supreme but not as well on Rex. Prime is quite weak to titan but not as badly as Supreme.

    Ideal gear would be Nex armours and chaotics, surgebox and arc stream when maging for the increased damage and Divine/Elysian/Chaotic/Drag defender for Supreme, depending on whether cheap RS gold you're comfortable flashing soul split while Prime is on you or not.