Seven focuses higher than Madden's Week 9 rating of 82

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    The latest update to the Rivals150 for the Class of 2022 has elevated Arkansas up to the rank of No. 2 in the class rankings. Received his fifth star and was promoted 12 spots to the number. 19 of the Rivals rankings released on Tuesday.

    It's the first time during the Rivals era, that dates back to 2002, that the Razorbacks have signed multiple prospects of five stars in that same category. They signed only four of the five-star prospects in the 20 previous classes combined.

    Walsh who plays for Link Academy in Branson, Mo. Walsh was named an McDonald's All-American last month, as was Smith buy mut coins madden 22. They're likely to become the first duo of McDonald's All-Americans within the same category to play for the Razorbacks since Todd Day and Lee Mayberry in 1988.