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  • Although it sounds fair initially but there's a major issue. Runelite HD doesn't actually seem to violate any of Jagex's mod guidelines Cheap RuneScape Gold, and the company claims that new guidelines which clarify the fact that Runelite HD does actually break the rules will be released in the coming week.

    Mod creator 117 claims they tried to negotiate with Jagex and even offered the mod's removal once Jagex had completed their work the release of their work however "they refused outright," seemingly spelling the end of a project which took "approximately more than 2000 hours of work over the course of two years."

    RuneScape is opening its largest, most flexible Yak Track and OSRS Announces Tombs of Amascut Rewards Rework. RuneScape is now officially opening the brand-new Yak Track and OSRS's Old School RuneScape team is discussing the redesigned Tombs of Amascut rewards and player feedback on each.

    The Yak Track: Path of the Creators II is the 10th edition and the longest duration they've ever seen in RuneScape, and features 50 levels that you'll have two months to complete. If you manage to finish this level, you'll be in the position to earn Elder Gods themed rewards, which include Bik in addition to Ful.

    The game also has a new flexibility option this time around, as each level include an "skill and kill" option, in addition to the main assignment for the level which allows you to determine how you'd like progress to complete them. The skill and kill option is slower buy rs07 gold, but you'll nevertheless be able to complete the level in this way.