What can you do after killing Godrick in Elden Ring

  • The Raya Lucaria Academy is probably the first thing you'll spot after you leave Stormveil Castle. It's situated right in centre of the lake, and its size makes it hard to ignore Elden Ring Items. The next stage in your journey that plunges you into an area littered with sorcery-slinging enemies and most importantly, some bosses.

    The principal boss in the Academy, Rannala offers you the option of changing your specs once you've defeated her. should you be unhappy with your build or want to try different types of stat allocation this is a great option to begin.

    Sadly, you can't just go straight to. If you walk to the main gate, you'll notice a seal in place and preventing access. The key you require is an Academy Glintstone Key to get through and there's one lying in close proximity. Visit the small island in the west of the academy and you'll find the key behind the sleeping dragon. Take on him if you'd like, or make use of Torrent to rush in and grab it before making an escape.

    The manor is residence for this manor belongs to the Carian royal family. It's located in the northwest portion of Liurnia. Although smaller than Raya Lucaria Academy, this area is full of truly disturbing enemies and culminates in a fight with the boss buy Elden Ring weapons. In this area, you'll find Sword of Night and Flame and defeating the boss opens the door to the Three Sisters behind the manor where you'll be able to meet Ranni and start her questline.