The Paladin is a half-DPS support class in Lost Ark

  • One of the initial World Bosses that Lost Ark adventurers encounter is Rudric, a glaive-wielding skeletal giant with a glowing corncob-shaped helm Lost Ark Gold. The players must defeat Rudric to complete the one boss challenge in their local Adventurer's Tome for Rethramis. The World Boss will drop valuable epic loot upon defeat for example.

    Accessories from the Cruel Reaper Set and armor pieces of the Enhanced Desert Prison Set. Additionally, battling this boss is an efficient method of acquiring rare Collectibles required for the Adventurer's Tome such as Portal Stones as well as Aguiloss's Skins. To locate Rudric, Lost Ark fans must travel to their destination at Rethramis Border.

    Rudric has been named the Regional World Boss of the Rethramis region, which is situated within the Graveyard of the Rethramis Border zone in Lost Ark. Players can enter this zone by traveling to the area east of Regria Monastery, southwest of Wind Road. He is most likely to spawn in the southern half of the Graveyard.

    If Rudric cannot be located in the Graveyard, Lost Ark players may try to locate him by switching through the various channels within the zone. Rudric will most likely be appearing on some of them. In addition, this feature can be utilized to find the temporary group that can defeat or farm Rudric collectively. Additionally to this, the World Boss will spawn every 30 minutes cheap Lost Ark Gold, which means that players can leave the area for a few minutes then return when Rudric emerges.