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  • You can go to the west farm field and take a look at the sacks of grain which are placed beside a wheel and the ox. By examining these sacks Lost Ark Gold, you will find a Giant Wheat Sack. Now all you need to do is head back to Cook Hely and whip up some Regria Wheat Bread to earn 1,400 silver. A split image top to bottom: a player seeking ferns, map Loghill and Cook Hely's crafting menu.

    One of Rethramis' far less appetizing recipes is available from Loghill's fields. Loghill. You will want to travel towards that East Oratory. On the south-east corner the field that lies below the East Oratory area, there is a clump of pale ferns that are surrounded by White Redbeak mobs.

    Find the "Investigate" icon. Engaging with it will yield... the disgorged Lump. Yummy. You can take this to Cook Hely back in Prideholme to create Protein Packed White Bird Stew for 1,400 silver. Turns out the "protein" comes from these birds. It's rather what they cough up. Ugh.

    Split image from left to right: Aquilok's Head secret entry, map of Aquilok's Head, brown sack on floor of cave

    This next recipe will take you on a fun little adventure. To get it, first enter the Aquilok's Head Dungeon at Ankumo Mountain. Begin by following the right wall of the path and the first nooks to be found will feature the metal lever, which has an activation icon buy Lost Ark Gold. You can use it to remove the massive boulder that blocks the entrance to a hidden room. If you look around, you will also find a secret Mokoko Seed!