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  • You need to perform the 'Song Of Resonance' before the statue in this location. When you have done that the statue is removed and opens up to reveal a glowing entrance Lost Ark Gold. Walk into the glow to be taken to a tiny room which contains the final two mokoko seeds of Windbringer Hills. The room you are transported to is in a completely different area of the map, to the east of the Guard Post Triport. Once you exit the room, it's the place you'll be.

    Collecting is among the key ingredients to building your cast of characters for Lost Ark. It is possible to collect anything from island souls, to hidden stories in scraps of paper. But the most significant one is definitely mokoko seeds. There are more than 1000 of them in the game. They also have rewards ranging from boat blueprints to exclusive ship crew and masterpieces.

    The Nebelhorn area of Arthetine includes eight mokoko seedlings on its main map, plus seven more within the Heart of Sceptrum Dungeon. Four of them are situated on its main map and are likely to be easy to locate, while the other four are in pairs in two off-map locations. But we'll describe how to locate all of them later.

    Mokoko Seeds One And Two - The Secret Path

    If you enter Nebelhorn from The Scraplands portal, go northwards to the first junction and then head north to the dead-end instead of crossing the bridge. Beyond, go right up into its northwest corner past its stone archway. Walk over to the far west-facing cliff edge, and an option for climbing down will be displayed. There's an additional 'climb' area on the small platform that leads you on a path that heads toward the southeast cheap Lost Ark Gold. Follow it all the way to the end to locate your first two mokokos.