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  • The method for claiming free Twitch Prime Packs to play Madden NFL 22 is the identical procedure for every EA title, such as Apex Legends or Battlefield 2042. However, some football fans might not be aware of the procedure works or whether they're eligible to receive the free content at all Mut 22 coins. The first important detail to note is that anyone who has Amazon Prime can also use and benefit from Twitch Prime Gaming for free. Therefore, the next step for Prime users is to go to the EA official website to sign up their account to Prime Gaming.

    On the EA website, Madden 22 players must go to their profile settings and ensure that their account in charge of the game is linked with Twitch Prime Gaming. Alternatively, fans can input "ea.com/twitchlinking" into their browser to be taken immediately to the authorization process of linking accounts.

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    Once the process described above is completed, go to the "twitch.tv" web page and login. It is also suggested that users sign into the Amazon Prime account using the same web browser. Next, click on the tiny crown symbol located in the upper-right corner beside Notifications. A dropdown menu of Prime Gaming Loot offers will show up. From here, gamers can scroll down until they find Madden NFL 22, the most recent Twitch Prime Pack. On the other hand, they can select "Visit this page" option. Prime Gaming Loot Page" and search for the game manually.

    Madden NFL 22 fans checking their Loot Page during the current month of April should be able be able to view and claim The Prime Sugar Rush Pack and the Prime Free Agency Pack. If they encounter any issues during the process then open the Settings menu and select an icon for their profile in the upper right corner. First, make sure Prime Gaming or Amazon Prime is running. Then, select "Connections" and confirm that one's EA account is linked to Twitch. Furthermore, ensure that the account on the platform of the player's digital or physical copy of Madden 22 is also connected to Twitch or other platforms buy Madden 22 coins, like Xbox as well as Steam.