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  • According to Kotaku The players have begun to find an in-game product placement for State Farm insurance NBA 2K MT. NBA 2K22's storefront located in The City has received an entirely new space dedicated to State Farm and one quest on MyCareer will see the player having to interact with the mascot of the insurance company, Jake.

    The character has appeared in numerous commercials before, Jake from State Farm is back with the NBA 2K22 cameo. Fully motioned captured by the original actor, Jake welcomes players to the area wearing his State Farm uniform that he refers to as "drip".

    Additionally there is the State Farm store also offers other cosmetics from the brand State Farm and products starting at 15,000 VC for PS3.99/$4.99 in real-world dollars. Finding the whole interaction and location to be nothing short of bizarre, fans have posted on social media to criticize 2k's obvious forced marketing.

    Before, 2K has included ad products that were not related to the NBA and was the subject of an outpouring of criticism due to its non-skippable advertisements in NBA 2K20 as well as its exploitative behavior. The fans of 2K might not be surprised with this brand new State of the Farm insurance advertisements however.

    As the franchise is known for its various microtransactions that include random loot boxes. NBA 2K22 may include more advertisements than ever before but some missions also require players to complete milestones in authentic brand names.

    It is believed that the NBA 2K franchise grew its popularity when it centered its programming around providing the highest quality basketball experience for players. However, 2K Sports has inundated every title in the series with more advertisements Cheap NBA 2K22 MT. As much as advertisements affect an overall gaming experience they are not mandatory and those seeking the next adventure in sports can return to 2k's annual series in the form of NBA 2k22.