Lost Ark has four unique Drops accessible to open as groups pro

  • Starting from to the Lakebar Encampment Triport in the north Lost Ark Gold, travel east to The Medrick the monastery's portal. The route will take you through a vast space to get therestay on that side of the map while you travel into the abandoned campsite, searching for a large waterfall. When you can see the waterfall, go through the rocks to the east, and enter an undiscovered passageway. When you reach the end of the path, you'll discover two Mokoko Seeds, as well as the Old Lakebar Tree vista (south to the right of the tree).

    Rakuni Forest - Bilbrin Forest Vista Location

    Find your way to your Spring Refugee Outpost. Once you've left, go south and then follow the eastern path into the ruins of Rakuni. At the back (southeast part) of the ruins just below a couple of steps, you'll see the Rakuni View of the forest.

    Zagoras Fortress Entrance - Mount Zagoras Vista Location

    Leave Zagoras Fortress by the long southeast path. Follow left (south-side) and follow the trail while you walk back from the fortress. There's a tiny nook at the end of the road. Inside you'll find the Zagoras Fortress Entrance vista.

    Lost Ark: All Rethramis Vista Locations

    Rethramis was the first continent that is a proper part of Lost Ark, and it's where you'll first learn about your Adventurer's Tome. Perhaps this is because it has a wealth of collectable material and has seven different vistas that you can visit throughout its four zones Lost Ark Gold for sale. If you're not able to find one of these places, we'll describe the exact position of each.