Eve Online tests only UI mode and its mobile version EVE Echoes

  • Eve Online is adding a new UI-only feature to its test server, which will disable the game’s graphics and will also be used in the game’s large-scale, system-heavy space battles. Over the years, fans and critics have been joking that Eve Online is actually just a "spreadsheet in space", and this update makes this joke more real.

    Eve Online has been running for 17 years and has been continuously developing. Now, Eve Online developer CCP is introducing a feature, which sounds like a joke to the outside world, but the community has long asked for it. CCP announced in a post on the gaming forum that only UI mode will enter the game’s test server, allowing players to turn off all 3D graphics and enter high-performance mode. As CCP told Kotaku, this mode is turned on in extreme situations, such as a large-scale war, in which case a fully rendered scene may reduce the frame rate. However, the developers also realized that fans might find it has other uses. This has been proven correct in the announcement. One player pointed out that their cataracts made certain areas of the game almost invisible when the graphics were turned on. This model provides convenience to everyone.

    Players cannot always sit at the computer desk when they are busy or traveling, so I recommend the mobile version of EVE. EVE Echoes is a mobile derivative game, now available on mobile devices, it is expanded from the PC-based MMO series to iOS and Android. And it has been given the public's expectations, its goal is to be as ambitious as EVE Online, it is described as the next generation of mobile games, and to break through the limits of games on mobile platforms.

    EVE Echoes is actually not the only derivative game based on the EVE Online universe. In fact, CCPrecently canceled a shooter under the development title of Project Nova. But the studio has different opinions and hopes to include some of the works in the project into another first-person shooter game it is developing. Will the most dedicated Eve players be willing to give up the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale thousands of hours (and dollars) they spend and stick to the simplified version they already have? If they stay, will they leave room for casual players? We will conduct a final review in a week or two to understand these issues and introduce in detail how CCP and NetEase are doing a new Eden in the mobile world.

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