Phantasy Star Online 2 currency acquisition may require attenti

  • The highly anticipated release of Phantasy Star Online 2 in North America at first was a mess. Starting on the Windows Store, this caused a lot of strange problems, we could not install the game correctly, and the lag in the player center was unbearable. They also tried their best to fix it, and then the release date was August 5.

    Obviously, Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free MMO game, first released in Japan in 2012. Its hack-n-slash combat and in-depth character customization capabilities made it popular, but Sega only recently brought the game to North America and provided an official English translation in May. There is a long time span between.

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    With 8 years of experience, Sega has developed an exciting and grand plan for PSO2. However, the NA version is still a bit behind the Japanese version and Sega released the PSO2 Meseta roadmap early this summer. What also surprised players was that they announced PSO2: New Genesis on the Xbox Games Showcase, which is a brand new independent MMO, and it will coexist with PSO2. New Genesis also has better graphics, and PSO2 will also be updated to reflect these improvements. New Genesis will have a larger battle system to explore the world and change, but the characters can freely switch between the two games, although things like progress and currency will not be shared, just cosmetics and other things. After all, this new expansion is independent.

    Now the Phantasy Star Online 2 website has been updated to include lengthy comments from the developers to make the community aware of actions taken against "dishonest behaviors" in the game. Between September 25th and October 15th, more than 10,000 game accounts were permanently banned from participating in real money transactions (RMT). Since the launch of the game, the developers have banned 31,000 accounts in total.

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