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  • The fact that this particular piece of jewelry has gone completely unnoticed by me in the past is a pleasant surprise. The purpose of this experiment was to learn how to consistently trigger the three effects of interrogation jewelry in the game, which are burning - 30% element resistance, fragile - 15% basic explosion, and exhausted - 20% total injury. The three effects of interrogation jewelry are burning - 30% element resistance, fragile - 15% basic explosion, and exhausted - 20% total injury. The three effects of interrogation jewelry are as follows: burning - 30% element resistance, fragile - 15% basic explosion, and exhausted - 20% total injury; the three effects of interrogation jewelry are as follows:

    Frost and freezing temperatures have the potential to cause three types of damage: structural, cosmetic, and biological damage. This method, although it can be used to calculate the ratio between the three types of damage caused by frost and frost, is not recommended. The official Formula for the three types of damage caused by frost and frost can be found here. However, despite the fact that there is no distinction between the three types of damage caused by frost and frost, it is still possible to calculate their respective proportions to the total damage incurred. As a result of the trial jewelry, various perspectives on the trial jewelry have emerged as a result of the trial jewelry experience. My thoughts on the results will be shared after I've completed my testing. I'll also make recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness cheap poe orbs of three different debuff methods after I've completed my testing.

    As an illustration, Marilyn's talisman can be used to illustrate this point. In light of the fact that Marilyn's Amulet of Body Armor has a negative effect on critical hit rate by 40%, it follows that the most significant benefit must be a 15% increase in fragile basic burst as a result of the negative effect on critical hit rate. Furthermore, in addition to the three basis of shadow mark (which is the most common basic burst rate of ordinary Xiaobai), the basic critical hit of my weapon has a total of five bases (including the three basis of shadow mark). Using the following formula, we can calculate the actual burst rate: 5 + 3 * 9.29 * 0.6 = 44.59%, which is calculated in the following way. When I increased the number of times I burst, I only saw a 44.59% increase in my burst rate, which is still a small increase compared to my starting rate. No matter how hard I try, even with the original 44.59%, I will never be able to achieve 100 percent. When my vulnerability is reduced to 10%, I will be able to hit the target with a critical hit rate of 100% for the first time in my life.


    Is it possible for me to increase this figure to 2%, or even to achieve the full 15% vulnerability effect, in this situation? After all is said and done, the answer is relatively straightforward. It has been accomplished to increase the impact of a non-injurious abnormal state! ! ! It is possible to say that this problem has been completely resolved as a result of the revision of this talent disk, which has improved the effect of the non-damaging abnormal state in critical hit specialization and element specialization. At the rate of two talent points per character point, the effect can be increased by 90%. This means that, for example, if you manage to obtain an 8% fragile effect (8 * 1.9 = 15.2%), you will be able to achieve the full fragile effect in a relatively short period of time.

    To reiterate, based on my current basic burst rate, I am capable of achieving full burst if and when I reach 10% vulnerability, which is the point at which I am most exposed. As a result, why do I continue to use critical hit overflow despite the fact that I am well aware that I can achieve full burst if I can just get to 10% vulnerability in the first place? The degree of uncertainty surrounding the boss threshold is denoted by the following:There is currently only one piece of information available: the damage to monster health ratio is used to calculate the acquisition proportion of interrogation jewelry when calculating Path of Exile M the acquisition proportion of interrogation jewelry. Despite the fact that the official was confronted with a high-ranking HP executive, the official only stated that there would be a specific threshold, but did not specify how much that threshold would be. It would almost certainly be surpassed by T16boss in terms of popularity. We'll use 5% as a starting point and assume that we can obtain the vulnerability effect of 5 * 1.9 = 9.5% even when setting the vulnerability value to that value for the sake of argumentation. With this result, my critical hit rate would be at or near 100 percent, which would be a significant achievement.

    Using star clusters and other talent points to your advantage, you can increase the impact of non-harmful abnormal states on your character and make them more frequent. Moreover, the increased intensity of the effect not only has an impact on vulnerability, but it also has the additional benefit of causing burning and exhaustion as a result of the increased intensity of the effect, which is a significant benefit.

    Based on my current testing, I believe that the all-element BD is the most suitable for use as interrogation jewelry because it has the ability to trigger all three effects at the same time. The income value that is generated after the triggering event, on the other hand, should be adjusted in accordance with the element point injury that was sustained. The higher the score, the more favorable the outcome. To ensure that xls remains loyal, the most effective way to do so is to hit him in the back of the head with an ox head. It will appear under the boss' blood bar if you have triggered three debuffs, and it will appear under the boss's health bar otherwise. This displays the number of states that have been triggered.


    It is necessary to conduct additional tests, after which the non-damage abnormal state in talents, star clusters, and equipment should be adjusted in accordance with the average value in order to avoid further damage. In order to increase the impact of the effect, it is possible to do so. You must remember that interrogation jewelry is primarily intended as a cost-saving measure that can be implemented quickly in order to raise the critical hit rate of interrogations, in my opinion. The fact of the matter is that you should be aware of the actual negative consequences of your actions. The negative impact on your performance will be irreversible, and it will be fatal for bow players if you do not stop path of exile orbs or slow it down. As a conclusion, the information provided above reflects my personal understanding of interrogation jewelry and should not be taken as definitive. As a point of clarification, I'm just a small white player who has been forced to flee my home country for the better part of three years. In the event that there are any omissions from this list, I hope you will be able to spray with caution. I appreciate everything you've done to help me out. It should go without saying that the cost will be prohibitively expensive for most people. Any time during the process, your current BD must be able to be identified and you must be able to determine where it is in the process. This will, however, necessitate a significant investment of time and effort. It is not enough to simply copy your homework without thinking about it!

    It is my hope that you will be able to practice more in the game for verification if you run into any unresolved issues; however, this post is merely a discussion and not a promotional piece for any specific game. Everything, from the advantages to the disadvantages, is contingent on the player's own understanding and decision-making abilities. As soon as humanly possible, I hope that everyone will explode lofty every day, that everyone will drop the mirror from time to time, and that everyone will be the blood of hunter and mage as soon as humanly possible.