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  • Women of all shapes and sizes can show off their curves by wearing clothing that hugs their beautiful figure plus size formal dress . In fact, clothing that fits well and gives the body an hourglass shape can make a woman feel instantly confident and comfortable in what she is wearing. Whether you're slim or curvy, look for tops that will help you create proportionate curves by paying attention to details that accentuate your waist and have feminine features.

    Here are a few elegant and stylish ways to define the shape of the top you're wearing:
    Tops in soft, unstructured fabrics look lovely when cinched at the waist, as they float over the hips, making the body look curvaceous and well-proportioned. Plus, they draw attention to the tiniest parts of a woman's figure. Three-quarter sleeves have the same defining effect—their length draws the eye to the waist (plus, they tone down the upper arms while leaving more slender wrists and hands exposed). Open top sleeves add some chic femininity to the look. Wear the top with slim-fit pants and heels for an outfit that can easily transition from the office to an evening out.
    When looking for jackets and blazers, look for styles with gently curved waistlines and collars. These can make the body look more feminine and follow the natural curves of the body rather than a tailored straight line blazer. The sheer lace jacket cinches the waist and opens the hips naturally, paired with a round V-neck for an instant hourglass look. Not to mention, the sheer lace is delicate while giving the jacket some vintage appeal. Layer it over a brightly colored top for an alluring look at the office that will make you feel stunning.
    Peplum is known for emphasizing a woman's waist while accentuating her curves for an instant statement definition. Monroe and Main's many color-blocked prints brush against a woman's natural curves to create the illusion of a slimmer waist and feminine silhouette, giving a more defined figure and looking perfectly proportioned. Look for tops and dresses with dark panels on the sides or waist.
    For more balance and shape definition, try some of these flattering ideas:
    If you're plus size, try pencil skirts and fitted skirts to elongate your legs and torso. Be sure to find the right fit to be comfortable and cute.
    If you're looking to hide your hips or add height, don't wear tops that are too long and cover your butt; they tend to shorten your legs.
    Finding comfortable jeans can be a challenge if you're trying to balance wide bust and hips with a narrow waist. Straight-leg jeans flatter your body while cinching your hips, so you can achieve a look that stabilizes your figure while flattering you.
    Getting your bottoms right is one of the best ways to lose weight and create the illusion of longer legs. For pants, this means opting for longer styles that go past the bottom of the ankle, whether slim or wide-leg. For skirts and shorter capri pants, make sure they are worn on the thinnest part of your legs. Look for skirts around (or above or below) the knee or just below the calf muscle where the leg starts to narrow.
    Long skirts are great for layering, perfect for fall and winter. To stay warm in the colder months, make sure your wardrobe is full of items that you can easily layer with a maxi dress. A plain tee is a simple top to wear with a skirt. For extra warmth, layer a cardigan, blazer or faux fur vest over a tee for a stylish yet comfortable look.
    Long skirts are great for petite, straight women. They help to appear taller and accentuate your curves. Multi-patterned maxi dresses will help elongate the look of your body while making you look slimmer.

    Whatever you wear, remember to wear it with confidence! Showing off your curves instead of covering them up is a great way to exude style and make a statement!

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