The correct way to apply lip gloss

  • Many people apply lip glaze unevenly. What is the reason for this? Is it because the method is useless? What is the correct way to apply lip glaze?


    What should I do if the lip gloss coating is uneven?


    1. Too much lip glaze on the brush head: Many people apply lip glaze by directly pulling the brush head out of the lip glaze to apply. If there is too much lip glaze on the brush head, it will easily lead to uneven application. The correct application method is to scrape the bottle cap a few times when taking out the lip brush.

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    2. The speed of applying lip glaze is too slow: lip glaze is liquid, in order to make it dry quickly, most of them need to add a quick-drying formula. The lip glaze film is formed in one minute. The speed is not fast. The front is dry and the back has not been brushed. Pressing it will easily cause uneven makeup.


    3. Too many times of superimposed application: The lip glaze itself has a relatively good moisturizing degree, and no matter how good it is, it will appear that the color rendering ability will decline. In order to make the color rendering ability of lip glaze better, many people usually apply lip glaze repeatedly, which may easily destroy the previous lip glaze film formation, so generally speaking, two layers of lip glaze coating are enough.


    4. No primer before applying lip glaze: Although the lip glaze itself has good moisturizing properties, it is very easy to dry when applied directly on the lips. Before applying lip gloss, it is best to use lip balm as a primer. The lipstick is very easy to be absorbed by the lips. Wait five minutes, after the lip balm is absorbed by the skin, you can start applying the lip gloss, which will make the lip gloss last longer.


    Correct application of lip gloss:


    First, wipe the lips repeatedly with a cotton pad dipped in water to wipe off all the dead skin; then start to draw the upper lip, first tap a few points away from the lip edge, and let the lip brush apply a moderate amount of lip glaze. Then, click a point in the center of the lip, draw the lip shape according to the lip contour, and then the lower lip contour, starting from the inner corner of the mouth, to the center of the lower lip, and finally fill in the gap.