Do you know the difference between lipstick and lip gloss?

  • Lipsticks and lip glazes have always been must-have cosmetics for women. Many women only know how different they are on the surface, but not how different they are. Today, let's talk about the difference between lipstick and lip gloss.


    1. Different textures: lipsticks are generally solid, dry in texture, very close to the texture of lipsticks, only with color, also called colored lipsticks, so generally the degree of moisturizing is not very high, and there are also moisturizing lipsticks. "Because lip gloss is a viscous liquid, but its liquid is not clear. On the contrary, it is a little sticky, and it is generally more moisturizing than lipstick.


    2. The effect of coating is different: Compared with lipstick, lipstick has strong covering power, so it is easier to color. Sometimes, lip gloss needs to be applied several times to achieve the effect. Lipsticks often look different from their true colors, with poor saturation and an unreal look, bright and shiny, and lip gloss with a natural vibrancy. Lipsticks are easy to tint, but fade easily.


    3. Different durability: The durability of lip glaze is generally better than that of lipstick, so it can maintain brightness and full color for a long time, and even velvet is easy to stain and fade, and the durability is not so high. The lip gloss itself has the effect of coloring the lips. Even food will have a certain color, be sure to use a special makeup remover.


    4. Use in different ways: While lip glaze works well, lipstick is more convenient. It can be applied anytime, anywhere, but it still takes more time to apply lip gloss, which usually requires the help of a brush head to open. Lipstick can be applied directly to makeup. Before applying lipstick, lip balm is generally used as a primer, and lip glaze can also be applied a little with your fingers, so that the effect will be better.


    5. Suitable for different lips: If your lips are dry, you can choose lip glaze, which has a moisturizing texture and can relieve the dryness of chapped lips. If your lips hold up without peeling the skin, then a lip balm is fine. If there are more lip lines, it is more suitable for lip glaze, because the lip glaze is relatively wet, which can cover the lip line and make the lips look fuller and more attractive.


    6. Adapt to different makeup looks and occasions: Different makeup looks and fields are suitable for different lipsticks and lip glazes, lip bite makeup is more suitable for lip glazes, and lipsticks are more powerful for aura. Lipstick is more solemn and more suitable for formal occasions, but lip gloss is young and lively, suitable for daily life and going out. In summer, it is more suitable to use lip glaze, which gives a feeling of energetic young women, and it is more suitable to use lip balm in winter, which gives a more warm and comfortable feeling.