USB panel mount cable cable fire prevention tips

  • Flame retardant cable refers to the cable that the sample is burned under the specified test conditions, and the flame spread is only within a limited range after the test fire source is removed, and the residual flame or residual burning can extinguish itself within a limited time. The fundamental characteristic of flame-retardant cables is that they may be burnt out and cannot operate in the event of a fire, but they can prevent the spread of fire. In layman’s terms, in the event of a fire on the wire, the burning can be limited to a local area without spreading, and other various equipment can be protected to avoid greater losses.

    Fire protection mechanism of USB panel mount cable cable: Under the action of the heat of combustion reaction, the flame retardant in the condensed phase thermally decomposes and absorbs heat, which can slow down the temperature rise in the condensed phase, delay the thermal decomposition rate of the material, and at the same time, release a chain reaction Free radical blocker, which can interrupt the flame and the branch of the chain reaction, slow down the gas phase reaction speed, prevent the temperature increase in the condensed phase, and achieve the effect of fire prevention.

    Classification and selection of USB panel mount cable: Flame retardant cables mainly include ordinary USB panel mount cables, halogen-free and low-smoke flame-retardant cables, low-halogen and low-smoke flame-retardant cables, and fire-resistant cables. The manufacturing technology and performance of these products The characteristics are different, so the scope of application is also different.

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