Shoes Upper Knitting Machine manufacturer

  • This series adopts digital, high-speed rotary, high roller motor, motor needle, color change, long pin technology, realizes the knitting needle, and pick out your needle hole, and other regular pattern knitting, knitting basic knitting (Siping, single-sided etc.), no color the rules of jacquard, kraepelini other kinds of organization, and the performance is stable, efficiency is greatly improved.

    This series of machines with a single head dual system. Digital technology is used to realize the needle turning, lifting and weaving actions of the flat knitting machine, and the scissors clip device and the bottom lifting device can be selected. high roller system, hold position closer to the needle plate tooth mouth, ensure to provide high quality control of the fabric cloth.

    Shoes Upper Knitting Machine Product introduction:

    Needle distance: 14G

    Weaving range: 36, 52, 72 (inches)

    Weaving speed: 24 segment selection, the highest speed of 1.2m/s, using AC servo motor control, servo motor using precise feedback control and combined with high-speed computing ability of digital signal processor (DSP), control IGBT to produce accurate current output;

    Knitting system: single machine head dual system

    The function of knitting needle, hanging head, pick holes, jacquard, intarsia, Ming received needle, dark closed needle, and other regular pattern knitting;

    KS: displacement controlled by AC servo motor, move the needle range up to 2 inches, and with fine adjustment function;

    Probe warning system: accurate position infrared probe alarm

    Read needle signal: Advanced encoder read needle

    Turn the needle function: Triangle compound design, single / double coordination can be single or simultaneous turn needle, also can be a system of weaving, to achieve efficient production;

    Coil density: stepper motor control, 24 segment density selection, using subdivision technology, adjustable range: 0–650 degrees, more accurate control of the length of clothing, closed loop system to monitor the current position of the motor;

    The sinker system is controlled by stepping motor, which can be adjusted according to different fabric, and can achieve a variety of needle picking and needle setting effects, and can be adjusted by left and right system;

    Sari system computer program instructions, stepper motor control, 24 pull selection, adjustable range: 0–100; optional torque assisted Lola, providing effective force for thick cloth products.

    Color changing system 2*8 yam in the side of 4 guide rails, can be in any position switch bar yarn (2*8 standard);

    Stitch: optional scissors clip, initial device;