The stickiness of washi tape revealed

  • Washi tape is different from general tape, and washi tape can be torn. The sticky note is different from the paper tape. It is a unique adhesive created by 3M for better convenience and convenience. The stickiness is not as strong as that of the box tape.

    The washi tape can be peeled off the paper right away without destroying the paper, but it will still tear the paper if it is left on for a long time. After all, it is tape, the purpose is mainly adhesion, not like sticky notes, the purpose is multiple applications.

    Washi tape can not only stick to paper, but also other materials, such as wood and metal materials. In addition to being beautiful, it is also very convenient to use. Even if it is torn off, it will not damage the paper. It is much more convenient to stick it on wood and carton than ordinary tape.

    When it comes to the stickiness of washi tape, different brands of washi tape are very different. There are too many types of washi tape, and everyone has different aesthetics. If you are a washi tape lover, it is best to choose a big brand of washi tape with good quality.